Tree Shaped Wine Advent Calendars Just $30 @ Etsy

This is my kind of countdown!
Tree Shaped Wine Advent Calendars Just $30 @ Etsy

Why should the kids get to have all the fun with the advent calendars? LittleFlowerPotShop via Etsy is now creating Tree Shaped Wine Advent Calendars for just $29.99 and let's just say this is the best thing since wine itself.

Tree Shaped Wine Advent Calendars

These Tree Shaped Wine Advent Calendars give you 24 days of pure celebration and libation as you count your days up until the big Christmas day itself.

Each calendar holds your choice of 24 standard bottles of wine so you can pick and choose your favorites to use all December long and when it comes to wine you know I'm choosing my absolute favorite on the first day to give the kickoff of the entire month.

Each tree measures 22" tall x 18" wide and is made with real hardwood furniture grade lumber. These would look amazing on a buffet, hutch, or even beside the real tree itself.

The best part they can be used year after year!

After something a bit scaled-down? LittleFlowerPotShop via Etsy also creates one that will hold single-shot liquor bottles that can be found on the same page.

Shipping is free with any $35+ purchase from LittleFlowerPotShop via Etsy.

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  • Kelly H.

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    we need these!!!

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    why did i think if you ? :joy:

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    I’m just saying.... it’d be a less stressful month if I had this...

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    I just bought one of these!

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    aldi sold that last year and was sold out like in 5 min lol

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    . Here is your favorite. I bet Heather could make it. She’s so crafty:yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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    sigh me up!

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    yasssss!!! :raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1: saw quite a few on Etsy. But I’m lazy & I want it filled with the wine too hahaha.

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    we need this!!

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    I’ll be needing something like this to get me through Rob’s peak season at work. That’s a long month of mom stress!!

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    What could go wrong?! Aldi is selling one!

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    mmmmm this would be so cool to make.

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    That’s cute

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    Really cute

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    since we didn’t do it last year we really should this year!!!!

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    ... love it! Do you deliver? Miss you so much! :heart::heart::heart:

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    this is amazing!!

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    cool ce calendrier de l’avant :blush::wine_glass:

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    this wouldn’t be that hard with our bandsaw

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    ay yo tmb con todas las botellitas chiquitas!!!

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