Twerk Pong Now Only $11.95 @ eBay

Shake what your Mama gave ya...
Twerk Pong Now Only $11.95 @ eBay

If there’s ever a game that’ll get your kids to cringe, this is the one. Hop over and check out Twerk Pong!

The perfect game to play around the holidays to get laughs, Twerk Pong is the next big game for get togethers that'll have friends and family rolling with laughter watching people play.

Right now you can grab it on eBay for only $11.95 with free shipping, or hop over to Amazon and grab it for about the same price and you'll also get it shipped free too! These were sold out around Christmas last year so grab one now and save it for around the holidays so you don't miss out!

Twerk Pong

It’s simple, all you do is fill the box up with ping pong balls and twerk like your life depends on it, the goal is to get the ping pong balls to pop out of the box as your twerk.

The game comes with two flat-packed twerking boxes, 2 pieces of ribbon and 10 ping pong balls. The game is played head to head, dual twerking, or split into teams and you can have a twerk tournament.

Sometimes the simplest games are the funniest (especially when the family is around). Twerk Pong falls into that category, plus we can tell the kids will actually get a kick out of adults playing this game, we guarantee it. And at this price? Why not grab it at a sweet price while it's in stock!

We've been keeping our eye on Twerk Pong and it's gone out of stock around the holidays in the past so if you're planning on grabbing it do so before December so it's still in stock!

What’s great is it’s available on both Amazon and eBay right now and ships free from both!

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