UDI RC U839 Nano Quadcopter $16 @ B&H Photo Video

UDI RC U839 Nano Quadcopter $16 @ B&H Photo Video

Looking to score a little drone for the kids for Christmas? Right now you can score this awesome deal on this UDI RC U839 Nano Quadcopter that's on sale for only $15.99 and shipping is free!

Plus there are a few colors to choose from blue, orange or pink.

This lightweight easy to fly quadcopter is the perfect gift for your little one this Christmas. What's great about this drone is it's inexpensive, and completely harmless to people and pets.

This little drone is really what you'd want in a beginner drone, something that won't break things, hurt people and is super safe to fly indoors.

If your child has been wanting a quadcopter or a drone, this is the little one to start off with. It has the same capabilities of all the larger dropes but it costs a fraction of what those cost and it will teach you thesame skills to start off with so you can learn to hover and fly, without breaking the bank.

Plus, most of those drones can't be flown indoors, which is another reason for your little one to start with this. Plus it's just 16 bucks and has over 200+ positive Amazon reviews!

Grab it and stash it for Christmas, you won't find them cheaper.


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