Under The Covers Bed Fan With Remote $100 Shipped @ Newegg

Under The Covers Bed Fan With Remote $100 Shipped @ Newegg

Hot flashing is terrible especially when you cant sleep without covers. But this has solved my problem and hubby even enjoys the air as well.

Plus right now its priced at just $99.99 with free shipping this is a sure fire way to cool off anyone.

I absolutely love my bed fan and wouldnt know what to do with out it. I can cover up all night long without having to be so hot that I cant stand it.

Plus it kicks hot flashes out in no time. Whether Im getting sick or just having a normal woman hot flash this machine is to the rescue to make me feel cool.

Its so awesome that even hubby enjoys it. We both love sleeping with the covers on us but for us to do that in the summer we have to crank the a/c way down until we found this fan now we can cover up while not wasting power on the a/c.

It gives out a nice flow of air that seems like it wraps itself completely around you and all underneath the covers. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made and with the included remote I couldn't be happier.


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