Under The Desk Foot Hammocks $12.99 @ Amazon

Looking for a neat way to relax at work? Check out these under the desk foot hammocks!
Under The Desk Foot Hammocks $12.99 @ Amazon

Want to add a little relaxation to your work day? Check out these genius under the desk foot hammocks that are available on Amazon right now for just $12.99 each!

If you spend all day at your desk and you're looking to de-stress while at work, you've gotta check these out. Great for setting up at your office or in your home office, especially when you're starting to get tired, put your feet up and relax! I actually use another chair on the other side during long days, but this will work better.

You just clip this adjustable hammock to the sides of your desk and stretch your back. Take a few deep breaths and you'll be able to zen away all that stress from work with this genius foot hammocks.

You'll want to go through the reviews on this as well, while it does have some good reviews some say your desk has to be between 1" or 1 1/2" thick for the clamps to fit so make sure your measurement are solid before checking out. After checking some of those out apparently you can just use any hooks as well if your desk is larger than the required ones and these foot hammocks will still hold up fine.

The best part, unlike a real hammock that throws me to the ground after a wrong move, these foot hammocks will let me relax at work without have to worry about getting tossed overboard.

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  • Danielle F.

    ! To replace the heater in the new office!

  • Dana A.

    yes please. Put it on the company card!

  • Carol M.

    I bought it... didn't work on any of my desks, brought it back to the Glance. Ha

  • Linda M.

    I need one I can sleep in with my whole body, not just my feet :joy:

  • Carmen A.

    how about for everywhere

  • Carmen A.

    but yes tiffin would be perfect

  • Nicole W.

    I just know your feet were not liking it there the other day.

  • Nicole W.

    Yup. I use it too. I'll swell often.

  • Lou W.

    That one should be fine then

  • Amy B.

    Yes we do I have seen this before

  • Linda M.

    Smartie pants :joy:. Oh by the way a grocery store is having a give away here. They are giving out ice cream. If you win they will stack the boxes up according to your height. Will you come down and stand in for me since I will get cheated if I win. I will share it with you :joy: