Unicorn Collection Outfits Just $12 w/ Code @ Screaming Owl

Unicorn Sets $12 w/ Code @ Screaming Owl

Head over to Screaming Owl where right now you can get $28 off of select Golden Unicorn Collection for your little one when you enter the promo code UNICORN at checkout! These sets come in three different styles and are priced at $40 right now so after you apply the promo code that makes them just $12!

Talk about cuteness! If your little one is obsessed with unicorns, these are perfect! And they've got a few styles to choose from. Take a look at the Golden Unicorn Sets you can get for just $12 with this offer!

  • Golden Unicorn Tutu Dress is priced at $40 but you can get $28 off when you enter the promo code UNICORN at checkout, making it just $12!
  • Golden Unicorn Romper is priced at $40 but you can get $28 off with the promo code UNICORN at checkout - making it just $12!
  • Golden Unicorn Skirt Set is priced at $40 but you can get $28 off with the code UNICORN at checkout making it just $12!

You can't combine the $28 off promo with any other promos so unfortunately their ongoing 10% off promo won't work in addition to the UNICORN promo. But really, $12 for these sets is pretty crazy already.

If you've never shopped Screaming Owl here's the deal: They were created by a mom who was tired of paying boutique prices for these adorable outfits for her and her kids. So they go straight to the manufacturers with preorders.

So each item has a time frame withing which you can order. After that they send their orders to the manufacturer and all pieces are made to order. This means they cut out the middleman and all their high price mark-ups and get you the best price.

Just keep in mind that once the final date is reached is when they place their order with the manufacturer so it usually takes 2-6 weeks on average for orders to be processed and shipped.

Also shipping is a flat $4.99 per item. Some items are eligible for free shipping with a promo code but only one promo code can be used per order.

And while you're browsing the Golden Unicorn Collection items, take a look at some of the other offers they have going on right now. Lots of their other available items have exclusive offers available too for dollars or percentages off or even free shipping with codes.

Inventory changes after each offer date ends so you'll have to order what you love while it's still available because it may never be available again after that!

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