Unicorn Party Tube Inflatable Float Only $13 @ Amazon

Unicorn Party Tube Inflatable Float Only $13 @ Amazon

Spring break is coming and millions of people are heading to the beaches or just to a pool and now is the time to grab this totally adorable float for only $13!

You will be the envy of the water when people see you floating around on your own unicorn.

Im a unicorn loving momma and my 2 favorite things combine into 1 awesome float.

Everyone around is sure to want a turn on my magical unicorn float. With a 500lb floating capacity I can even float around with as many as can latch on.

Plus it has a rapid inflating air nozzle so it can pump up 5x as fast as them old floats. Giving me more time to float and less time blowing.

Even sweeter it is 25% thicker then what you find in normal stores so even at the beach this thing is made tough and ready to go.

Amazon prime members score free shipping while non prime members just need to bump your order up to $25+ to snag free shipping. This can be done with 2 of these floats or mix and match anything.


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