Up To 38% Off Giant Party Island Floats Today Only @ Amazon

Up To 38% Off Giant Party Island Floats Today Only @ Amazon

Guess what just landed at Amazons deal of the day? These super popular giant party island floats!

Not only are these the coolest thing ever but they are up to 38% off making this a no brainier buy for all of us who have been waiting on a sale.

We saw one of these at the lake a couple months ago and it was amazing.

I came home determined to buy one but sadly they have been out of stock everywhere and when you do find stock there is never a sale.

That is until today!

Now its time to get excited as this momma just ordered the amazing unicorn float and me and the whole family are going to float around on this like the royalty that we feel.

Not only does these floats look cool but you will find they have really thought them out as they include a built in cooler and cupholders so the party never ends.

Even sweeter blowing them up is a breeze with the included fast blowing pump you will be enjoying your new island in just a couple mins flat.

Plus getting on and off this thing is a breeze they feature a built in platform and handles so when its time for a swim you can jump on in.

Shipping is free!


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