UV Color Changing Tote Bags From $13 @ Walmart

UV Color Changing Tote Bags From $13 @ Walmart

Tired of that old tote that is faded and doesn't do anything cool? Upgrade to these super awesome totes that change color in the sunlight! Plus right now you can score them from just $12.99!

Out with the old and in with the new. This tote bag will look and make me feel exceptional when out and about. I love packing a tote for all our outings and this will be perfect.

They go from not colored in at all and plain to this super cool colored in exceptionally cute tote. Im absolutely in love with the hello sunshine version and purchased that one.

With 3 varieties to choose from your sure to find the one that fits you and your lifestyle. Everyone will love my bag just as much as me Im sure.

Shipping is free for one version while its $4.99 for the others. But even with added shipping you wont find a cooler tote for any less anywhere else.


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