VTech KidiBuzz Handheld Smart Device $80 @ Toys R Us

VTech KidiBuzz Handheld Smart Device $80

Kids begging you for a phone? You have got to check out this new Vtech Kiddibuzz it has all the features of a phone without the monthly cost. Plus its made with kids in mind and includes apps and more.

Originally priced at $99.99 right now you can snag this for only $79.99 saving you $20.

My little ones always ask for my phone so they can play games and apps. The biggest problem of this is when my son dropped my phone and broke it.

When Vtech came out with this Kidibuzz just a couple months ago I went straight out and bought it. Its been the best thing ever! The kids now have their own smart device that plays apps, texts, goes on the web and more.

Plus its made with kids in mind and has a bumper and shield so even after the kids have dropped it atleast a million times it is still doing great even through a ton of abuse. On top of that it also has a multimedia player and camera.

This is defiantly the best purchase ever hands down. Plus it even includes free shipping straight to your door! There is absolutely no way to go wrong.

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