Waterproof Kids' Travel Tray $8.99 Shipped @ eBay

Waterproof Kids' Travel Tray $8.99 Shipped

Hey moms, check out this deal over at eBay! Right now you can get this awesome Waterproof Kids' Travel Tray for only $8.99! You can choose from blue, rose or purple. Plus it ships for free!

This travel tray is great for long car rides or trips to the zoo, grocery, or just perusing the aisles at Target. It fits most strollers and car seats with an adjustable back strap and contoured design that keeps the tray snuggly secured to your child's waist or carseat.

Plus it's got raised edges to keep things from spilling over and a side pocket to keep snacks, games, crayons, cups, etc organized. And perhaps best of all is that it's nylon/foam/polyester waterproof construction makes it super easy to just wipe clean. Then, when not in use, it collapses to tuck nicely out of the way.

So head over to eBay togets yours and be sure to let us know what you think of this gadget in the comments!


  • Sinead W.

    this be great for Adam :blush:

  • Victoria P.

    this will be good for Alice when you guys go on your trip.

  • Sharon C.

    he'd probably manage to throw that too!!

  • Ricardo P.


  • Caroline M.

    , no more dropping stuff

  • Ryan T.


  • Leanne O.

    this wud be so handy!

  • Shell C.

    This would be handy coming from claremorris, #gaga :-) xx

  • Tonya B.

    I got mine from Toysrus and I love it! My child is used to it now for the long drives. The straps snap together in under where the seat belt goes thru. Plus I like the fact it is a soft not hard.

  • Jacinta J.

    Valerie Joyce

  • Corina H.

    look at these. I love it :heart_eyes:

    • Sharon C.

      Oh there deadly

    • Corina H.

      Bargain :blush:

    • Sharon C.

      Sure is. Savage

  • Michelle W.

    Deborah Lennon we could do with these :joy:

    • Nadine W.

      Yeah there cool

    • Sonia W.

      They are deadly defo need one of those

  • Trishie A.

    , , awesome idea for long trips!

  • Bec A.

    We so need this!

  • Tiarne F.

    we should get these

  • Sabrina D.

    for wen babs get bigger

    • Mairead D.

      Saoirse would love that now :joy:

    • Sabrina D.

      I no she would :joy:

  • Laura D.

    ! :heart_eyes: No more dropping toys in the backseat

  • Tracy C.

    be handy wen boys are older for trip home x

    • Nicole C.

      So handy!!!!

  • Jana C.

    did you end up getting one yesterday?

    • Beck S.

      Yep although it's not as good as this 1! Bugger.

  • Taren M.

    this is what we needed!!

  • Nicole F.

    Looks kool

  • Chloe C.

    Exactly what I'm after

  • Megan T.

    Ian Macilwraith we need this

  • Jaimi S.

    This would be the best for long drives

    Let's be honest, if I gave Amelia crayons, she would probably eat them :joy::joy:

  • Dani-Elle W.

    this is what we need get for our holiday

  • Mick P.

    Good idea

  • Gribble M.

    Wow that's pretty cool. U should get a couple for your long trips. Now that footy season is almost over lol

  • Marie H.

    for future reference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Mary R.

    Order it for me

  • Kristy W.

    Awesome idea

  • Tina C.

    for your long trips

  • Mel S.

    I have 2 of these best thing I ever brought they also sell them at red dot

  • Daniela T.


  • Sharna R.

    we should get one for Chaise

  • Monique F.

    , what do you think?

    • Ron F.

      Great idea

    • Monique F.


  • Mark O.

    i think i can see crayon marks all over the car .....

  • Tracey C.

    That's a cool idea. I love this. I'm gonna get one for Cruze. Do you think it would do the same thing with his booster seat?

  • Josh T.

    Got them already mate

  • Donna C.

    Hmmmm not sure

  • Tamika B.

    We needed this for the plane..

  • Tracey C.

    I hope so. They are a bloody good idea.

  • Catherine T.

    Great for long trips!

  • Tequila R.

    Awesome for trips

  • Bianca S.

    Looks handy

  • Johnny G.

    Let's buy them all??

  • Melissa M.


  • Andrea S.

    we should get a couple of these

  • Sharee H.

    it's a must it's awesome:smiley:

    • Teigan F.

      Love it

  • Lynn C.

    i need this for Mia for travelling...... :laughing:

    • Brad C.

      You certainly do....what a great idea!

  • Andrew P.

    That's awesome

  • Sarah J.

    That's cool... You should buy them!

  • Jessica B.

    such a good idea!!

  • Nicola B.

    this is an awesome idea.

    • Lisa B.

      shit yeh. buying it

    • Lisa B.

      people arent rating it at all ^^^

    • Nicola B.

      9bux thou.

  • Annmarie M.

    Melissa Wright Brosnan

  • Sandra R.

    this would be great for Mia :revolving_hearts:

    • Jessica P.

      That's awesomeeee, will order it when I get home :cupid:

    • Sandra R.

      nah ... Was thinking for bday ??

    • Jessica P.

      I was thinking that but just hide it away !

    • Sandra R.

      maybe get 2 if they are only $9 Then have a spare one

    • Jessica P.

      Sounds good, I shall do that for you now momma bear :kissing_heart:

  • Kaitlynne R.

    you can get these on ebay :blush:

  • Emma S.

    Awsome!!! Thanks Sal xxx

  • Sally B.

    All good mate

  • Amie B.

    would be good for Adelaide trip?

  • Kahlia J.

    Good for long trips!

  • Sarah S.

    This is cute

  • Breanna N.

    I seen these but $12 aud

  • Megan S.

    You should order and get one :)

  • Jess B.

    This is exactly what we want for Harper

  • Shell W.

    That's awesome. Your early Christmas present to the boys? We travel the week before Chrissy lol

  • Raearne W.

    Il look into it :wink:

  • Jaimi P.

    Looks awesome!!!

  • Britty L.

    Thought you would like it.

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