Waterproof Picnic Insulated Cooler Bag $1.82 + Free Shipping

Picnic Insulated Cooler Bag $1.82 @ Amazon!

Check this out! Over on Amazon you can score this awesome Waterproof Picnic Insulated Cooler Bag for just $1.82 Shipped!

This insulated waterproof bag is perfect for picnics, packing small lunches or keeping things fresh. It keeps food hot (or cold) all day long, I can put a few containers in it for lunch, and just put it in the fridge to keep them cold before we head out and it keeps whatever I'm bringing cold!

And it's adorable! I actually ordered a few of these and gave one to my daughters teacher who just loved it! So if you're not sure what to get a teacher, this makes a great end of the year gift for them!

My daughter has actually adopted our bag as her new lunch tote. She pretty much packs whatever she brings for lunch in it and uses it every day. So it's perfect (and roomy enough) for a sixth graders lunch box.

Looking like I'll have to grab a few more at this price, everyone seems to love them!

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