Ostrich Napping Pillow Are Only $16.69 Shipped @ eBay

Want to sleep the next time you travel? Bury your head in one of these!
Ostrich Napping Pillow Are Only $16.69 Shipped @ eBay

If you ever been working and just get so tired that you wish you "could hide". Now you can do just that and you don't even have to leave your work desk. Simply get yourself an Ostrich Pillow and burrow your head away from your surroundings.

For a limited time, eBay is offering these Ostrich Pillows for $16.69! But even sweeter when you grab two you'll save even more, grab 2 for $15.76 each or 3 for $15.52 each so you can score yourself and someone you love a pillow or grab a bunch for the family for the next trip to Disney!

Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow is a desk pillow that encases your whole head so you can get in comfort right at your work. Simply slide your hands in and lay down for an encasement and privacy that you can't get anywhere else.

Each one allows you to cocoon yourself away and avoid all of the external stresses. You can even shut out that annoying coworker that insists daily to tell you about her problems.

I'm always trying to get comfy when I travel so this is perfect for my next plane ride. The pillows in the airport are around $10 anyway but this one looks way more comfortable than the ones they sell.

You can use these to lay your head in and then each one comes with wholes that you slide your hands in. This not only provides comfort but brings you an amazing snooze. While sleeping you will even look like a hammerhead shark, how fun!

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