Where To Buy Furby Connect In The US 2016

Where To Buy Furby Connect In The US 2016

On the hunt for where you can find the Furby Connect right now at the best price in the US? You're in the right place. We've been keeping track of where you can find the super popular 2016 Furby at the best price possible, to make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

The Furby Connect will be in high demand this year! It made our top toys of 2016 list and for good reason, it's at the top of kids Christmas lists' everywhere!

The links below will help you find where you can find the new Furby in-stock and at the best price. Make sure you bookmark and share this post with friends and family who might be on the hunt for the Furby Connect too, we don't want them spending an arm and a leg either!

In Stock

Limited Stock / Higher RRP

  • eBay $100.00 and up w/ no taxes. - Check here
    • Will increase as stores sell out.

Currently Out of Stock

  • Currently none

What is the Furby Connect? It's a new play on the classic Furby we all know and love with a new twist — app connectivity!

The new Furby lights up LED eyes to give even more expression than the old and can be used through bluetooth to connect to phones and tables for interactive play.

These will most likely sell out by Christmas, if you do plan on waiting make sure to bookmark this page so you can check back for where you can find it in stock leading up to Christmas!


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