Where To Buy Hatchimals In The US 2017

Where To Buy Hatchimals In The US 2017

Want to know where you can find Hatchimals in stock right now in the U.S? You're in the right place.

We've put together a list of places where you can find Hatchimals in stock and also where you can get the best price.

Hatchimals are expected to be a top toy for the 2017 holiday season and for good reason, they're on pretty much every kids Christmas list! And because of the popularity, there will also be high demand which means they'll be hard to find.

We've put together all the places to find Hatchimals to make it easier to find them in stock and where you can get them at the best price without spending an arm and a leg.

In Stock

  • Toys R Us $79.99 GRAB HERE
    • Pre-order says 12/28 (may want to try expedited shipping)

Limited Stock / Higher RRP

  • Walmart $48.88 CHECK HERE
    1. These are going in and out of stock every half hour. If you have time keep refreshing this page to grab one in stock. They seem to go back in stock every half hour and then sell out fast!
      1. Penguala
      2. Burtle
      3. Draggle
      4. All Hatchimals
  • Diapers.com $89.99GRAB HERE
    1. These are going in and out of stock as well.
  • Amazon from $200 GRAB HERE
  • eBay $114.99 GRAB HERE

Out Of Stock

Hatchimals are new toy pets that are in high demand this year. They start their life as a little egg and the child is responsible for nurturing it before it hatches, which then reveals which Hatchimal it is inside.

There will be two kinds of Hatchimals one that caters to boys and one for girls and some will be exclusive to Toys R Us, so make sure you check the right stores if you're looking for a specific one.

Toy industry insiders agree these will be one of the top holiday toys this holiday season. Make sure you bookmark and keep an eye on this for the latest information on where to buy Hatchimals this year!

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  • Lindsay A.

    if you decide to get it. :grin:

  • Christy M.

    60 bucks for that stupid little thing? Wow.

  • Corey W.

    I'm just confused about what it is. Can someone explain? Do you break open egg for stuffed animal?

  • mar

    Bjs has them for $49.99

  • Sarah S.

    Win. All three my kids eyes would glow of excitement!

  • Amber F.

    Win :heart: Thank you for even the chance!! :heart:

  • Jenn E.

    Win. My little girl would love this.

  • Kristen F.

    Opps, Mom brain! Win!!!!! =)

  • Pamela T.

    Omg my granddaughter was just begging me to get her this for Christmas, I had no idea what she was talking about and couldnt find them in any local stores! Win

  • Paula B.

    WIN!! Oh I want one so bad!! All out here!!

  • Donna L.

    Win! IF I do I will discover what it is with my preschoolers!

  • Julie B.

    WIN..... Win for VIN! :blue_heart::blue_heart:

  • Lisa C.

    Win!!!!! Loved watching the live video!

  • Lucie B.

    Win ....please pretty please :)

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    "WIN" liked and shared <3

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    Win please my girl would love this

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  • Amy P.

    Win! :) :)

  • Hannah J.

    do it khloe would flipped out!

  • Candie C.

    Win! My kids would love one :slight_smile:

  • Jenn A.

    Win please. Good luck everyone!:purple_heart:

  • Ashlee B.


    My kids have been going on and on about these Hatchimals. Lol

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  • Renee J.

    Liked and shared also.....

  • Heather G.

    all my kids so want these they are a bit not in my price range.....

  • Lori T.

    WIN! Thanks for the chance!

  • Shannon W.

    WIN my daughter has been begging for one of these!

  • Lisa B.

    WIN this would be awesome

  • Jessica R.

    Win,win,win, win,win, win!

  • Sharon H.

    Pick me. I want to win win win.

  • Lora B.

    Win. My daughter would love this

  • Deborah C.

    Win! Win! Win! Man my daughter won't shut up abiut these

  • Manda L.

    Dang I just bought 2 yesterday. Wish I would've waited now.

  • Ashley W.

    All of Vegas are out of stock at target :sob:

  • Jennifer H.

    Thx! I just check the other day and Target was out. Figured I'd better order now for Xmas :wink:.

  • Moby1941

    Grandkids would love these...

  • Ololol

    lower all of the Hachimale prices and please have more in stock so I can buy a Hachimale!!!!!!

  • shlbycindy

    Lose. I'm tired of companies making toys they promote heavily, mention they are the "hot" toy of the season, and then make sure that none of the major toy or retail stores have enough to keep them in stock. I refuse to have my Christmas ruined because I've been running around trying to find a toy like this. I will not be purchasing this toy and will think twice before I buy anything else made by this company in the future.

  • Singlemom

    win my daughter has wanted one forever now her dad promised to fine her one and dried in a car wreck so if I could win this she would be so happy.

  • becnic1969

    meijer has them in big rapids  $49

  • Philana B.

    Thank goodness we got Alivia's.

  • Carie P.

    this what you looking for?

  • Lisa F.

    Walmart has a whole bunch of these?! What exactly are they??

  • Nicole K.

    Got ours on amazon when they first came out

  • Amy M.

    Wish I could find one, sold out everywhere near me. And I refuse to buy from the greedy price people who just buy to make a buck.

  • Jennifer T.

    Got mine at Target, they only got a shipment of 3

  • Jessica F.

    She got her yesterday at target :)

  • Cassandra C.

    I saw them today at Walmart.com and ToysRUs.com but I don't understand why differentiate so much in price. What I saw varied anywhere from $80-$200

  • Hedda

    I ordered this from YoYo.com and they charged me $89.99 instead of $74.99. The original checkout showed that it was 74.99 with the discount which brought it down to $63.74 but when I got my email from them confirming my order it showed 89.99!!! Sent them an email hope they adjust the price. Be careful when ordering. 

  • Mallory S.

    Overpriced ridiculousness.

  • Amy P.

    How do u tell the ones that are made for boys vs girls??

  • Catherine B.

    is this a hot Christmas item?

  • Annette K.

    Got ours at Walmart for 48.00

  • Lindseyrgs

    Win! My daughter really wants one. 

  • Frantastic C.

    It's so weird. I didn't know what you were talking about then saw this. Lol :flushed::thinking::blush:

  • Mary K.

    got mine at bj's. sold out now

  • Kelley B.

    Ha!! They retail for about $50. I need to find it at a target, Walmart etc so that's it's not marked up like crazy. Ugh! Greedy people, dude

  • Dori G.

    Talked to the Dept manager today. The vendor said the company is going to release them around the 3 week of November. Walmart will have plenty of them:wink:

  • elvirasmagic


  • Caitlin C.

    Bjs had them last week for $47.99. I paid $55 for them :tired_face:

  • Ellen G.

    I preordered mine on Walmart.com last month for $52.00. I'm glad I did because now they are $142.00!

  • Amy M.

    Finally got one our walmart had been restocked today :)