Wiener Dog Paper Towel Holder $34 (was $40) @ Amazon

Why use any paper towel holder when you could use this!
Wiener Dog Paper Towel Holder $34 (was $40) @ Amazon

Why use a boring old paper towel holder when you can use a Wiener Dog Paper Towel holder? What better way to grab a paper towel than by petting this adorable Dachshund paper towel holder on the kitchen counter that'll dispense your paper towels for you! What a great idea for a paper towel holder.

The long paper towel holder is shaped like a Dachshund dog except the wiener dog's torso is replaced by your paper towel roll. I love how the paper towel roll makes up his body. It's also made of resin which makes the roll look realistic and makes it look really high quality, this will for sure catch your guests eyes.

The resin construction really stands out about this paper towel holder, it almost looks like it's made of cast iron or something with how awesome the resin finish looks on these. Plus you can wipe clean with dry cloth so no dust accumulates it. It also measures 16. 75l x 5w x 10h in so it'll fit perfect on the counter.

The best part? Has to be you're pretending to pet a Wiener dog when getting your paper towels. Honestly one of those things I'd never get sick of and the kids will just get a kick out of.

As always with Amazon, you'll get free shipping on these as it's a minimum of $25. You can also take a second to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial of Amazon Prime so you'll get free two day shipping on these.

Wiener Dog Paper Towel Holder $25 @ Amazon

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  • Randi H.

    and - every time I see stuff like this, I want to get it for your mom!!

  • Natisha R.

    I have this and I love it

  • Tania S.

    sooo cute!!

  • Amy T.

    thinking of you on this one!

  • Sara H.

    , you need this

  • Erin B.

    If I only had the counter space. But if you find an under-cabinet mountable sloth, consider your Christmas shopping done!

  • Sara H.

    no sloth paper towel holders but I did find a toilet paper holder:thinking:

  • Erin B.

    No thanks. It’s just not the same.

  • Rita F.

    Aww I love :two_hearts: it

  • Ashley R.

    we need this!?

  • Alyssa H.


  • Kelly K.


  • Gabrielle K.