Wine-Opoly Board Game Just $19.69 @ Amazon

Wine-Opoly Board Game Just $19.69 @ Amazon

With the kids heading back to school its time to get the girls together for a fun-filled game of Wine-Opoly!

Right now you can score this game for only $19.69!

Go ahead grab your favorite bottle of wine and invite the girls over everyone is going to love playing this epic creation.

This game has all the fun of Monopoly while having a twist that features a wine theme.

Players buy your favorite wines and collect bunches of grapes that you can later trade for decanters to try and move to the top.

But be careful you don't want to have to pay import taxes or be embarrassed with the faux pas as you go around the board and if you land on the wine cellar space you're doomed to 3 skipped turns of aging.

Oh, but there is more you also get to learn facts about wine as you play. On the back of each wine deed is fun facts about your special wine.

Want to play a quick round? Included is instructions on how to play the 1-hour version of Wine-Opoly that is perfect for saving time while still having fun.

This price could change at any time so you will want to shop asap.

Shipping is free with any $25 or more purchase.


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