Wooden Windsor Castle Playhouse Now 25% Off @ Wayfair

For those little Kings and Queens
Wooden Windsor Castle Playhouse Now 25% Off @ Wayfair

Being a parent we always have to be on the lookout for the toys that come with a complete wow factor. This Wooden Windsor Castle Playhouse certainly blows away the other lame competition of playhouses.

Wayfair just reduced this epic creation by 25% bringing it down to just $451.99. Since this sales for nearly $600 everywhere else this is a total bargain.

Wooden Windsor Castle Playhouse

The Wooden Windsor Castle Playhouse will have every kid on the street eyeballing your yard with envy. After all, have you ever seen anything quite this awesome? I would have loved this as a kid.

It features a medieval, majestic look that not only stands it out from other playhouses but gives it the beginning of the book of imaginative play.

It is even made with super sturdy cedar wood for a fun backyard castle that is just asking for the kids to roleplay.

Little kings and queens can scale up a 4-foot rock wall ladder to enter the watchtower and see the entire kingdom. Scale back down and enjoy the spring-loaded door and working drawbridge for even more fun.

Best of all a real wooden drawbridge drops down to enlight every knight as they gallop back into their castle. Pull it back up to protect your townsmen from the fire breathing dragons.

Shipping is absolutely free - you can't get any better than that!

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