Zoomer Fashion Pony w/ Sounds & Movement $49.97 (reg. $80) @ Walmart

Zoomer Fashion Pony w/ Sounds & Movement $49.97 (reg. $80) @ Walmart

Check it out! Walmart has this exclusive Zoomer Fashion Pony with Sounds and Movement marked down to just $49.97 right now! It's regularly $80! Or you can choose the Zoomer Show Pony for the same price as well (reg. $80 also)! Plus even better, they qualify for free shipping too!

If you're looking for an interactive pet for Christmas gifting this year, this is definitely one to check out! Regardless of which option you choose the kids are sure to love it! These ponies have beautiful colored glittery hair and interact with your child - responding to their touch. They come with a brush and other accessories too.

They move on their own with express light-up eyes that show you how they feel with colored symbols. They can sense when you're petting their cheese and nose and respond with sweet pony sounds.

She can shake her head and nuzzle into your hand just like a real pony too. It even neighs "I Love You". And with just the press of her heart badge she can perform tricks, dance and do a figure eight. She also loves to prance.

Zoomer the Fashion Pony comes with an interactive apple, carrot, sugar cube and hairbrush with 12 glitter hair clips and a tiara hair clip. And your child can make her even more glam with the 15 gem stickers that are also included.

You can also get the Zoomer Interactive Show Pony at Amazon for $49.97 right now too. But the Fashion Pony is exclusively at Walmart so you not only won't find it anywhere else cheaper but not anywhere else at all...other than perhaps used from eBay.


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