Zoomer Show Pony Down To $28 (Was $80) @ Best Buy

Zoomer Show Pony Down To $28 (Was $80) @ Best Buy

One of the hottest toys for the last couple years is now on major clearance!

This Zoomer Show Pony is now down to $27.99 saving you $52!

This Zoomer show pony comes with everything you need for hours of imaginative fun.

It even has interactive accessories including a apple, carrot and sugar cube.

Not only do you get to feed your new best friend but you get to groom her hair as well. She will quickly show you how much she loves you through her animated light up eyes.

Your job is to get her ready for her next show. First feed her and her eyes will show you when she is full. Then love her by petting her to make her feel happy.

Next groom her and dress up her hair and then start training. She learns several different tricks including spinning, backwards dancing and more.

Finally once she has learned enough tricks its showtime. She can remember up to 5 tricks to do in order at once and everyone will be thrilled to see your new routine.

Once shes done don't forget to give her a sugar cube. But be careful if you give her to much she will become super hyper and then you need to calm her back down.

This is also available at Best Buy via Ebay and includes free shipping!

Don't want to shop eBay? Choose free in-store pickup.


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