Macys Near Me: Finding the Closest Macys Store

Macys Near Me: Finding the Closest Macys Store

Where is the Macys Near Me?

There are more than 500 Macys stores in the United States right now, so it's reasonable to assume that there will be a Macys nearby no matter where you are while reading this.

The first U.S. Macy's store opened in 1902, and the retailer has expanded out from there. There are now Macys stores in 46 States and 360 Cities in the United States, and the U.S. Macys headquarters is located in New York.

How to Find a Macys Near Me

The quickest way to find Macys stores in your area is to use the "Find a Store" feature on the Macys website.

Macys Near Me: Finding the Closest Macys Store

With this Macys finder tool you can enter your city, state, or ZIP code, and it will pull up the Macys stores nearest to the location you entered.

With this finder tool you won't just find the closest Macys to you, but you'll also see what services are provided at that location like Curbside Pickup and you'll even be able to see what Shops at The Location as well as Nearby Stores.

And while you may know what Macys stores are close to you because you shop there regularly, this tool can be handy to help you find a Macy's near me when you go on vacation or you're visiting a new area.

The state with the most number of Macys stores in the US is California, with 90 stores, which is a staggering 18% of Macys stores in the entire US. With Macys store locations closing now and again, this tool can be helpful if you're in a new location or you're looking for a new Macys store nearby.

Many shoppers find it handy to visit Macys stores when traveling to grab a gifts for family and friends, or to not miss out on the amazing Macy's deals or sales that pop up sometimes while you're on the go.

Do you enjoy shopping at Macys stores in the U.S.? Have you ever used the Find a Store tool to locate an Macy's store nearby?


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