Subway Sub Of The Day: Menu & Day Guide (2018)

Subway Sub Of The Day: Menu & Day Guide (2018)

Whether you're looking for Subway sub of the day, the latest Subway deals or getting the best deals with value items, this guide will help.

With how popular Subway deals and promotions are, we figured why not make a simple guide to keep up with Subway's current offers, deals of the day and daily specials.

We'll be keeping track of daily specials and taking a closer look at other value items and deals so you can save a few bucks today at Subway.

Subway Sub Of The Day

We're rounding up Subway Sub Of The Day Menu Items below for each day of the week. You can also hop over to Subway to sign up to get deals and coupons right in your inbox.

  • Monday Sub Of The Day — Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • TuesdaySub Of The Day – Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Wednesday Sub Of The Day – Turkey Breast
  • Thursday Sub Of The Day – Italian B.M.T.
  • FridaySub Of The Day – Tuna
  • Saturday Sub Of The Day– Black Forest Ham
  • Sunday Sub Of The Day – Meatball Marinara

Is your store not participating?Click here to get the new $2.99 sub offer when you sign up for text alerts or go with one of these $4.99 subs that just got added to the value menu.

Subway Daily Specials

That's not it either, you won't want to miss out on Subway daily specials and value items to save even more. We'll be rounding up the best deals from each category so you can save today.

New Footlong $4.99 Value Subs

Subway's new footlong value menu sub offer is $4.99 Footlongs and is a play on the classic '$5 Footlong' famous promo they once ran, there are so many great options:

New 6" Value Subs

If you're looking for 6" subs we'll be rounding up some of the best values below, usually Subway offers a bunch of 6" subs for under $4 which is a good reason to try something new:

New $2.99 Sub Deal

Once again, one of the best deals Subway is offering right now is $2.99 subs when you subscribe to text alerts, it's a nice savings, easy to do and only takes a minute.

Also, it's worth checking if the Pizza Sub is $3.75 at your Subway, while some Subway's include it at the $3.75 price, it seems not all do currently with the new promotion.

Some other value items you won't want to miss are $5 Veggie Delite salads and If you're looking for value deserts grab a cookie for $0.65 or instead grab 3 for $1.70.

What subs are $5 at Subway?

Subway has quite a few subs not for $5 right now, but actually $4.99.

The $4.99 subs right now are the Black Forest Ham Sub, Spicy Italian Sub, Cold Cut Combo Sub, Meatball Marinara Sub, and Veggie Delite Subs.

While we're not expecting Subway to roll out the $5 Footlong Promotion any time soon, these are the Subway footlongs that are $4.99 right now, we'll update this if more get added.

Where can I find more Subway deals?

You can browse Subway deals right on Subways coupons and promotions page, however lately they are only sending out subway deals to those who subscribe to text alerts. By signing up to Subway texts and emails you'll be the first to know about coupons promos and more.

If you're looking for more ways to score Subway deals and updates including when new promotions get released just sign up for email alerts and you'll get them all right in your inbox.

Subway's daily specials are a great way to try something new. We'll be keeping track of all Subway deals and daily specials right here so make sure to bookmark this handy savings guide.

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Your turn: Which sub deals are the best value right now from Subway? Which sub is your favorite? Let us know in the comments so others can share, we'd love to hear!


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