19 Bath & Body Works Coupon Hacks That'll Save You Hundreds

19 Bath & Body Works Coupon Hacks That'll Save You Hundreds

Get ready to never pay full price for your favorite scents again with these 19 Bath & Body Works coupon hacks!

We found all the best ways to save at Bath & Body Works, so you can shop sets, candles and even gift cards guilt-free.

1. Use coupons for up to three days after they expire

You have a three-day grace period on in-store Bath & Body Works coupons. The store doesn't usually overlap coupons with sales, but you can sometimes get better deals if you wait a day or two! Just remember to use these coupons in-store (and not online) and to ask nicely!

2. Sign up for mailing lists

Bath & Body Works has both email and snail mail lists. Since they send out different coupons to your virtual mailbox and your real-life one, it's best to join both!

You can sign up for the email list in-store or on the Bath & Body Works site. To join the snail mail list, give your phone number (linked to a cable or utility bill affiliated with your home address) or call customer service at 1-800-756-5005.

3. Stack coupons on Black Friday

On Black Friday, you can stack different kinds of coupons from a mailer in a single transaction. Bath & Body Works lets you use one $ off, one free stuff and one % off coupon (in that order) all on the same purchase.

4. Use your monthly coupons on sale items

Mail list subscribers receive a Bath & Body Works coupon every month. You can't stack these ones, but you can use monthly coupons on sale items. For the best deals, use monthly coupons on common sales like 6 Wallflowers refill bulbs for $24 and $3 hand soaps when you buy 6.

5. Stock up in January and June

These are by far the best months to shop at Bath & Body Works. The company holds its semi-annual sales in January and June. While the most popular items sell out quickly, you can almost always grab some underrated items – and soon soon-to-be-discountinued collections – for as much as 90% off.

6. Watch for free shipping promotions

Bath & Body Works has a $5.99 flat shipping rate, but about once a month, they'll send out a coupon code for free shipping on orders over $25. You can't stack these with other coupons, so use the codes wisely (or on a rainy day when you really don't want to head to the mall).

7. Take receipt surveys

Seriously. Few people ever head online to fill out the surveys the cashier circles on their receipts, but it's definitely worth 10 minutes of your day. Whenever you buy in-store, check your receipt, even if you only bought a few items – you'll usually have a chance for a coupon to get $10 off a $30 purchase.

8. Grab a VIP Bag

On Black Friday, Mother's Day and other select days, Bath & Body Works gives you the option of adding a VIP Bag to your purchase. Do it! If you spend $30, you can get a bag full of $100 of merchandise for only $30.

9. Exchange new products for different scents

Ever receive a gift set that isn't quite right? It's okay if you're not crazy about every single scent. As long as you haven't used over half the product, you can exchange it for a new scent. Thanks to Bath & Body Works' 100% satisfaction guarantee, you don't even need a receipt. The best part? You can even trade in items from your Black Friday VIP bag!

10. Use free product coupons on Aromatherapy items

We could all use a little more stress relief, sleep and energy in our lives, but you don't need to pay big bucks for them! The Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy line rarely goes on sale, but you can use your free product or percentage discount coupons to pick up your favorite ones!

11. Buy discounted gift cards

Instead of buying a Bath & Body Works gift card in-store, head to Raise, Gift Card Granny or another site that lets users buy and sell discounted gift cards. You'll get the best deals right after major holidays, when you can scoop up all kinds of cards people don't want or won't use.

12. Watch out for price changes

Bath & Body Works offers a 14-day price guarantee. Keep an eye on prices for two weeks after you go shopping. If anything goes on sale during that time, bring your items and receipt to a store (for in-store purchases) or call 1-800-756-5005 (for online orders) for a price adjustment.

13. Build your own gift sets

You can pick up a ready-made gift set at Bath & Body Works, but it's usually a better idea to create your own.

Take a look at pre-packaged sets to find out what is normally sold together or create a completely custom gift basket with pieces you choose on your own. If you start your holiday shopping early, you can wait until sales pop up to build a gift set for a fraction of the cost.

14. Get free in-store gift wrapping

If you've ever rushed into the mall on the way to a birthday party or you're just terrible at wrapping presents, this one's for you. Bath & Body Works offers free in-store gift wrapping, complete with a ribbon and card. Gift wrap is an extra $5 online, so hop into a store to get this deal.

15. Buy your favorite products in bulk

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but buying in bulk is one of the best ways to save at Bath & Body Works. Their products have a long shelf life, so take full advantage of buy 3, get 3 free sales, $3 body care and 2 for $24 candles. All those hand soaps might be a pain to lug around the mall, but your wallet will absolutely thank you.

16. Shop more often for better coupons

Bath & Body Works doesn't offer an official loyalty program or rewards system, they do track what you buy and when you buy it. Make sure you give the cashier your email or phone number each time you shop in-store, because Bath & Body Works will track your purchase history and reward frequent shoppers with better coupons!

17. Exchange broken Wallflowers plug-ins for new ones

You can bring burned-out or defective Wallflowers back to a store for free – even if you've used it for years. Since plugs can cost up to $15, this is definitely worth your while, especially if Bath & Body Works no longer sells your favorite design.

18. Follow Bath & Body Works on social media

Following Bath & Body Works on social media is a great idea, because (1) you'll get a look at new lines and products as they come out and (2) you can see deals and promotions pop up as you scroll through your newsfeed.

Follow Bath & Body Works on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

19. Check out all the latest sales on Momdeals

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