Secret Markdown Codes For Target, Costco & Walmart

Secret Markdown Codes For Target, Costco & Walmart

Have you ever seen a price at Costco or Target that just seemed a bit off to you? Maybe the price ended in .01 or maybe .03, but you just weren't sure why that was? There's a reason for this madness and when you find out you'll never look at price tags the same.

There's a secret markdown language that stores like Costco, Target and even Walmart use to communicate to employees which items are marked down, which will be marked down more and which items are marked down to it's final price.

We've put together a full list of the secret markdown codes that are used at popular retailers Costco, Walmart and Target that will have you checking every price tag from now on so you can quickly figure out if the price might go lower than it already is.

This list has been curated by former employees and store insiders alike and now you can join in on the fun and be an 'insider' to know about all the secret markdowns.

Secret Markdowns Codes at Target

  • Prices that end in $__._9 are full price
  • Prices ending in $__,_8 are discounted
  • Prices ending in $__,_4 used to be the final clearance price but are known universally accepted as just another markdown price
  • Take a look at the Target price tag pictured. See the tiny number in the corner of the price tag? These numbers are important and indicate the percent off your getting from the regular price. See a 70? That means it's 70% off the regular price. Some things to note...
    • Target using increments of 15%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 90% for regular markdowns
    • Clothing and Apparel are marked down in 30%, 50% and then 70% increments
    • Holiday items are marked down in 30%, 50% and then 70% increments
    • Markdown windows are 10-14 days so expect to wait that long for the item to be marked down further

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Secret Markdown Codes at Costco

  • Prices that end in $__._9 are the full price
  • Prices that end in $__,_7 are marked down for clearance
  • Try and spot prices that end in .97 this indicated the item is being sold below cost
  • Prices that end in .88 or .00 are manager markdowns
  • Items that end in .49 or .79 are manufacturer special offers. These prices indicate the manufacturers are having a trial run in the store and are cheaper than the actual retail price.
  • Price tags with an asterisk* on them indicate an items will no be re-ordered and will not be re-stocked.
    • If you see an item with an asterisk* and there are a bunch in stock wait until the item is marked down to .97 to buy.

Secret Markdown Codes at Walmart

  • Prices that end in $__._7 are the original price
  • Prices that end in $__,_5 are the first markdown
  • Prices that end in $__,_1 are final markdown, prices with this mark won't be discounted anymore.


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  • Reidduncan

    I love Momdeals. If  I would of known earlier in my life, at least I know now. Thank you

  • Levernab

    I wok at Walmart, marked down prices are no secret they are clearly marked with clearance or rollback signage.  The last number of clearance is more likely to be 00!  And can be marked down again!