HearthSong Mega Mat Swing $75 @ eBay

20 April 2017
HearthSong Mega Mat Swing $75 @ eBay

Do you want to make your yard an epic fun playtime? Then you need this swing priced at just $75!

Its my kids absolute favorite and they can both hop on at once. Ill have to admit it looked so fun this mom even had to swing away.

This swing is extraordinary as soon as we hung it the kids went crazy over it and the fun has never stopped.

Even when their cousins come over this is the hit of the yard and they can even manage to get 4 of them on there.

From swinging to twisting up into a tornado and spinning like a whirl wind when released. This swing will have your kids begging to go outside.

This swing is an ultimate size of 30x40 which means the more the merrier. From standing to sitting and even stomach gliding it will never get old and while your at it jump in on the fun there is plenty of room for you as well.

Shipping adds $14.99 but where else are you going to get such an awesome swing for kids and adults alike?

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