Aerie Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

Sale dates, upcoming sales and best ways to save now at Aerie.
Aerie Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

Like American Eagle, Aerie rotates its inventory on a seasonal basis, offering clothes perfect for all four seasons. With Christmas-themed pajamas, summer tank tops, and fall sweaters, there is plenty of non-intimate apparel to rotate out. The best part about Aerie’s constantly changing inventory? More sales!

That's why we made this handy to follow sale calendar, that way you can know about upcoming sales, specific sale dates and best ways to save now if you're shopping Aerie.

Just as American Eagle hosts regular sales for its items, Aerie is also often part of these sales. They mirror AEO sales or have their own sales at very similar times.
This is done with the goal of getting people into both stores, as Aerie and American Eagle stores are usually in the same locations. Luckily for shoppers, both Aerie and American Eagle have a routine of when they host their sales on a year-to-year basis.
We’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to! In this article, we will detail every sale that Aerie will host this year. That way, you can decide when is the best time to stock up on cozy clothes and new bras.

Current Aerie Offers:

Aerie Sale Schedule 2024: When does Aerie have sales?

Aerie Underwear Sale Aerie Bras SaleAerie Presidents Day Sale
Aerie Memorial Day Sale Aerie Summer SaleAerie Black Friday Sale
Aerie Cyber Monday Sale When Are Sales? When Are Underwear Sales?

Aerie Underwear Sale

  • Sale Dates: January, February, July, August, October, November
Speaking of underwear, the sales of Aerie underwear are one of the biggest draws to the store. The way these deals work is in large bundles of underwear with the goal of trying to compete with the frequent underwear discounts at Victoria’s Secret.
The Aerie undies sales vary depending on the time of year, but the discounts can be as great as 10 pairs for $35, which is a whopping $50 discount from their regular pricing. We’ve also seen 7 for $27 and 6 for $30 deals at Aerie. The Aerie panties sales are hard to pin down on the calendar, but they usually happen every couple of months. If you sign up for emails, you will learn about them sooner!

Aerie Bras Sale

  • Sale Dates: January, February, July, August, September, October
Like the Aerie undies sales, discounts on Aerie bras are highly sought after. Good bras are expensive, and the bras at Aerie are high quality. However, you rarely need to pay full price at Aerie on bras if you plan out your purchases properly.
We’ve seen insane Aerie bra deals, such as $20 each, when they are regularly priced between $40 and $50. 50% off bra and bralette sales also happen every couple of months – there is even one going on until February 16th!
Bra sales happen regularly at Aerie stores, but like the Aerie panties sales, they are slightly random. Signing up for emails is your best bet for pinning down exactly when these surprise bra sales will be.

Aerie Presidents Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: February 20
The Aerie Presidents Day Sale is a long-weekend sale that mirrors the sales that American Eagle runs. These sales start and end around Presidents Day weekend in February and can be seen as one of the sales that is important for inventory refreshing.
Expect mostly apparel deals from the Aerie Presidents Day sale, but we’ve also seen 20% off bra and underwear discounts at this time too! This is also a time where special online only coupon codes are given out, so keep an eye on Aerie’s social media accounts for more info!

Aerie Memorial Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: May 29
Yet another inventory rotation sale, the Aerie Memorial Day Sale take advantage of this prized long weekend that takes place right as schools are getting out.
This sale is really hard to pin down, but should be on your radar for stocking up on spring clothing. In-store discounts range from 20% to 60% off year by year and online discounts range from 40% off to simply offering free shipping.

Aerie Summer Sale

  • Sale Dates: June

The Aerie Summer Sale is the perfect opportunity to save on Aerie items. Perhaps one of the best sales of the entire year, Aerie’s summer sale offers up to 60% off items in stores and online.
During this sale, Aerie usually discounts their swimwear where you can expect 20-60% off bathing suits. This sale is focused on getting customers in malls during the summer months and you should take advantage of it!

Aerie Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 24
Aerie is no different from its parent company when it coes to the biggest sale of the year. Black Friday is an event at Aerie, with multiple online sales leading up to and after Black Friday. While many retailers simply host deals the week of Thanksgiving, Aerie seemingly hosts Black Friday for the entire month of November.
Black Friday discounts at Aerie can be a great time to look out for the famed Aerie undies sale, which offers 10 for $35 on underwear. Also, they host their bra sale during this time where you can purchase bras and bralettes for 50% off. They even have a portion of the sale where you can get your hands on Aerie apparel items for 60% off!
Robes, sweaters, and sweatpants can be found having individual sales during this time of year too. These sales take place in-store and online, but there are additional coupon codes for online shoppers. If you are trying to save the most money at Aerie this year, sign up for emails and pay attention in the month of November!

Aerie Cyber Monday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 27
Immediately following the Black Friday sale extravaganza at Aerie, the end of November is the perfect time to shop at Aerie if you missed out on the fun earlier in the month. Online-only deals are expected for the week after Thanksgiving. Based on previous years, the sale will begin on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

When Does Aerie Have Sales?

Aerie hosts frequent sales! While some are planned, many of the sales at Aerie are seemingly random. We think that this only adds to the fun of shopping at Aerie as you wait for the next super sale on underwear. Paying attention to when American Eagle hosts sales, keeping an eye out on social media, and signing up for emails is a great way to stay updated on Aerie’s surprise sales.
But which sales are for sure? The Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Summer Sales happen each year, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday will have the largest discounts of the year – that much is certain! If you’re looking for confirmed great deals, going to Aerie in November is a sure bet for discounts.

When Does Aerie Have Underwear Sales?

While the Aerie undies sales tend to vary by what the offer exactly is, we've been tracking the sales dates for a few year and these underwear sales typically happen in January, February, July, August, October and November. The date however, has varied from year to year so check back during these months to see the deals!

Since these are the most popular sales, we cover these live right here in this handy guide. We'll post the offers near the top of this guide as they go live that way you can get in on the savings.

Saving Daily at Aerie

Aerie has several ways that you can save without waiting for a sale date. So, if you need new bras and undies in a pinch, there are many ways in which you can secure a discount.
These discounts might not be as great as the sales throughout the year, but a discount is a discount! Here are some tips on how to save money on a daily basis at Aerie:

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