H&M Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

Sale dates, upcoming sales and best ways to save now at H&M.
H&M Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

On the hunt for the latest H&M sale but not having much luck? With how often sales come and go at H&M they can be hard to track, so that's why we created this handy sale calendar so you will always know the H&M sale schedule and when the more popular sales are coming and going.

To help you track the bigger H&M sales and help you keep track of currently H&M offers, we made this savings guide so you can have everything in one place. To get the most out of savings at H&M it pays to know what sales are upcoming as well as what sales are going on today and this week.

All it takes is a little planning, a little bit of knowing specific sale dates and then checking back when the sale is going on and the savings could be huge. Lucky for you we have some insider knowledge of sales that happen every year so you can have a better idea of just when the most popular sales are going down.

H&M is also one of the best places to find amazing deals that are going on everyday, so if you're looking to save now this guide can also help. Below you'll find the current offers going on at H&M and a few more saving opportunities that most don't know about that can help you save even more.

Current H&M Offers:

H&M Upcoming Sales:

  • Next Sale: Memorial Day Sale
  • Last Sale: Cyber Monday Sale
  • Sale This Week: Winter Sale

One of the easiest and best ways you can save on your H&M purchase today is to sign up for emails and by doing this you'll get a 15% off promo code on your next purchase.

This alongside signing up for H&M mobile alerts and using the H&M App which both give you coupons as well are the best and easiest ways to save on your purchase today.

H&M Sale Dates

H&M Summer Sale July/August
H&M Memorial Day Sale May 29th
H&M End-of-Season Sales June 19th and November 16th
H&M Home Sale June 13th, through July 4th
H&M Labor Day Sale September 1-5th
H&M Thanksgiving Sale November 17-24th
H&M Black Friday Sale November 17-25th
H&M Cyber Monday Sale November 17-25th
H&M Winter Sale end of December

H&M Sale Calendar

Below you'll find the upcoming sales and the best H&M sales that are happening throughout this year. You'll find more information about each sale so you can know what to expect, like what's included in the sale, which departments, how much of a discount you can expect, when the sale occurs and how good the sale is.

Make sure to bookmark and refer back to the sale calendar so that anytime you have questions regarding a sale you have something to refer to it, or just check out what current offers are going on.

H&M Summer Sale

  • Sale Dates: July/August

As someone who enjoys shopping in the summer I always look forward to the Summer Steals Sale at H&M. This is where they mark down stylish summer items are a fraction of the cost. This sale typically goes down in the month of June but the exact day varies from year to year.

The savings can be huge, during this sale you can expect discounts up to 50% off so you know the savings are huge compared to other times of the year. What's great is these sales have a long window that they are open for so you can expect this 50% off to last an entire month.

The deals get even better too, known as the Black Friday of July sale you can expect the 50% to be upped even more to 70% off sometime in July so you can save even more if you wait a little bit past the June sale.

H&M Memorial Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: May 29

The H&M Memorial Day sale is always famous for bringing out some great prices on all the current items that are trending throughout the store and online too. During this sale, you can expect a major drop of up to 30% off your entire purchase. What's great is there is a big discount like 30% off your entire order, plus Memorial Day deals.

What's great is the 30% off your entire order is automatic, and in past years they've even offers 15% off your order of $75 or more, for even more savings. With these promo codes you can stack huge savings, and grab sweet discounts on your entire purchase, that you can't get any other time of the year.

H&M Labor Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: September 4

When you're on the hunt for H&M Labor Day sales, look no further than our savings guide. Each year they have upped the ante and made the Labor Day sales more and more friendly for savvy consumers. This year they offered a whopping 60% off your purchase, which is a huge markdown to say the least.

Not just that either, they also offers Labor Day deals and included some great trending items at sweet scores around $10-14. Next Labor Day you can be sure to check back at H&M to get your savings on, it's a great time to revamp your entire wardrobe with how big the savings can be, just make sure you use the coupons.

H&M Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 24
We're not that far away from the biggest sale of the year at H&M, but trust me, it's worth the wait. The H&M Black Friday sale is always one of the biggest sales of the year, that slices prices on all the latest collections and included all the trending items at a fraction of the cost of what they are regularly.
The Black Friday sale is an annual event to be scheduled for the month of November. The H&M Black Friday Sale usually happens on 25th November every year. The best thing about the H&M black Friday sale is that you can get amazing additional discounts if you are a loyal customer of H&M.
Enjoy and take all the benefits of this sale with our extra offers and deals.

H&M Cyber Monday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 27

This year's H&M Cyber Monday Sale is bringing you an additional discount of 15-20% off for loyalty members. H&M scheduled this Cyber Monday sale to help all its loyal customers to fight their Monday blues and bring some positive energy into their coming week. The Cyber Monday sale will bring great prices to you by applying our impeccable promo codes and amazing discount offers.

H&M Winter Sale

  • Sale Dates: Last Week Of December

The H&M winter sale is another event that can make you lose your mind over. All the top fashion styles and high fashion items of the season are included in this year's winter sale.

From the men's section to the women's accessories, everything is available at great discounts and deals. The h&M winter sale gets even more exciting as every H&M loyal customer participating in this sale will get a discount of 60% off on its purchase.

When does H&M have sales?

When it comes to sales, H&M always has some of the best among other retailers. The company offers discount, promotions and coupons regularly, make it easy for you to save on your purchases. Sales typically occur both online and in-store, so it's always easy to tae advantage of the bigger sales.

The sales typically fall into the bigger sale holiday like Black Friday and Cyber Monday but with H&M you'll see various sales pop up throughout the year like flash sales, the winter sale and free shipping sales where you'll randomly be able to use a promo code to get free shipping on all orders.

When is the next H&M sale?

As a savvy shopper, you always look to save on your purchase even when there is a sale going on. The next big sale at H&M is the Summer Sale, which is followed by the Thanksgiving Sale and the Black Friday Sale. These two are the biggest sales of the year where you can expect some of the biggest savings.

Be sure to check back here for live updates, sale dates and changed to the sales schedule this way you know what upcoming sales are going on at H&M as well as sales happening today. And if you're looking for even more ways to save, visit the current promotions page to see current offers and coupons. Happy shopping!

Your turn: Which H&M Sale are you most looking forward to? Shopping today? Don't forget to share your haul in the comments so others can score!

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