Lilly Pulitzer Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

Upcoming sales, sale dates and how to save today at Lilly Pulitzer!
Lilly Pulitzer Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

If you're a fan of Lilly Pulitzer and love to shop for stylish and colorful clothing and accessories, this post is just for you! Below you'll find the sale schedule and helpful ways to save today at Lilly Pulitzer.

Whether you're looking to purchase something now or want to plan your shopping for the future, this guide will give you an idea of when to expect the best deals and how to save the most money.

Lilly Pulitzer is known for its preppy and vibrant clothing, and if you're a fan, you know that the prices can add up quickly. That's why keeping an eye on the sales and promotions happening throughout the year is important. This way you can shop the big sales or save today if you're looking to do so.
Don't worry if you're shopping now and there's no sale. There are still ways to save money at Lilly Pulitzer! For example, you can sign up for their email list to receive notifications about upcoming sales, promotions, and special offers for subscribers. You can also follow them on social media for even more savings opportunities. So, whether you're looking to save now or in the future, this guide will give you all the information you need to get the most bang for your buck at Lilly Pulitzer!

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Daily Lilly Pulitzer Sales

At Lilly Pulitzer, there are always ways to save on your purchases, whether you're shopping today or in the future. Here, we'll go over some of the best ways to save daily at Lilly Pulitzer so you can get the most out of your shopping experience.
Check for Daily Deals and Promotions: Keep an eye on the homepage for daily deals and promotions and any other sales and discounts that may be happening. This seems to be the best and easiest way to see the current promotions and deals that are going on that way you'll be the first to shop the sale.
Another tip to save even more today is to sign up for the Lilly Pulitzer email list. You'll receive a one-time discount on your next purchase, which you can use to save even more money today. So, sign up for the email list to take advantage of these savings opportunities!

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Schedule

Sale NamePredicted Sale Date
Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January
Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale January
Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale June
Lilly Pulitzer Black Friday Sale November 24
Lilly Pulitzer Cyber Monday Sale November 27

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Calendar

Below, we'll go into detail about each Lilly Pulitzer sale, so you can better understand what you can expect. We'll cover everything from timing to what deals you expect. This information is based on previous sales and general sale patterns, so you can know when you should start shopping for the best deals.
Whether you're looking for information on a specific sale or want to know what to expect throughout the year, this section will give you a more in-depth look at sales so you can make the most of your next shopping outing.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

  • Sale Dates: January, August, September
The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, also known as APS, is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for fans of the brand. This sale is typically held once or twice a year and offers discounts of up to 60% off on select styles. The exact dates of the sale are kept under wraps until a few days before the event, so be sure to sign up for the brand's email list to get the latest information.
Shoppers can expect a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and home goods at discounted prices during the APS. However, it's important to note that sizes and styles sell out quickly, so be prepared to act fast if you find something you love. It's also a good idea to have a list of must-have items to focus your shopping efforts and maximize your savings.

To make the most of the sale, shopping early is recommended. The sale usually starts at 8 am EST and can be accessed online through the brand's website or in select retail stores. Shopping online can be easier, as you can quickly add items to your cart and check out, but visiting a store can also be a fun and social experience. Keep in mind that there will likely be lines and crowds, so plan accordingly.

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale

  • Sale Dates: January, September
The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is one of the most popular sales events for Lilly Pulitzer. This sale is known for offering huge discounts on past season styles, with some items marked down by as much as 60%. The sale typically happens twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer, and usually lasts for three days.
In the past, the winter Lilly Sunshine Sale started on a Monday in early or mid-January, with the sale taking place online and in select signature stores. However, the dates for sale are always kept secret until a few days before the event, so it's best to sign up for email notifications from Lilly Pulitzer to stay informed.
In 2022, the first Lilly Sunshine Sale of the year was a one-day-only event on January 3rd and was only available online and in signature stores. This year, there are rumors of a later Winter Lilly Sunshine Sale, possibly occurring in February. Regardless of the date, shoppers can expect big discounts and a chance to grab some of their favorite Lilly Pulitzer styles at a fraction of the cost.
The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is a must-attend event for those who love Lilly Pulitzer and want to save big on their purchases. Whether you're looking for a new dress, top, or pair of pants, this sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up on some of your favorite styles at a great price. So make sure to mark your calendars and sign up for email notifications to stay informed about the latest sale information.

Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale

  • Sale Dates: June, November, December
The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale is a much-anticipated event for Lilly Pulitzer fans. It is a clearance event where Lilly Pulitzer offers the previous season's styles at discounted prices. The sale is usually held twice a year and attracts a large crowd of shoppers looking to get their hands on the latest Lilly Pulitzer styles.
Shoppers can expect to find a wide range of items at marked-down prices, including clothing, accessories, and home decor. The sale is usually held in person at designated locations, but in recent years, it has also been held online to accommodate a larger audience. To ensure that you have the best shopping experience, it is recommended that you add items to your cart the night before the sale begins. This will give you a head start in securing the items you want.
In conclusion, the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale is a fantastic opportunity to buy high-quality Lilly Pulitzer items at discounted prices. If you're a brand fan, mark the sale dates on your calendar and get ready to grab your favorite items.

Lilly Pulitzer Sample Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer Sample Sale is a popular event for brand fans, offering discounted prices on clothing, accessories, and other items. If you're interested in attending, planning and preparing for the crowds is important. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience:
  • Arrive early: If you want to ensure you get a good spot in line, consider arriving as early as 3 a.m. when the doors open at 5 a.m.
  • Make friends: The lines can be long, so consider chatting with those around you. This could come in handy later when you're in the dressing room and need help trying on items.
  • Know the layout: The sale is organized by category and size, with dresses at the front, sportswear in the middle, and accessories on the sides.
  • Head to the back first: The back of the sale is where you'll find the most coveted items, including samples and designs that didn't cut.
  • Shop smart: With so many items to choose from, it's important to have a game plan and prioritize what you're looking for. Consider shopping for your most important items first.
  • Shop the dressing rooms: This is where a lot of swapping and bartering occurs. Don't be afraid to ask others to try on items from their "no" pile, but always ask first.
  • Dress appropriately: Dressing rooms are communal, so make sure you're dressed modestly and wearing underwear.
  • Don't expect dirt-cheap prices: While the prices are good, with up to 70% off, there are better places to score $10 dresses. Expect to pay around $80-$100 for a non-sample dress.
Overall, the Lilly Pulitzer Sample Sale is a fun and exciting event for fans of the brand. You can make the most of your experience and score great deals with a little preparation and planning.

Lilly Pulitzer Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 24
The Lilly Pulitzer Black Friday sale is a rare opportunity for shoppers to save big on their favorite resort wear. From Nov. 23 to Nov. 28, customers can receive $30 off on any purchase of $100, with an additional $30 off for every additional $100 spent. This means that customers can save up to $90 on a purchase of $300.
The sale includes almost everything available on Lilly Pulitzer's website, excluding gift cards. Shoppers can find a wide range of items from dresses to leggings, tote bags to sweaters, making it a great time to find something for a beach vacation or holiday party.
If you're unsure where to start, the website has rounded up some of its favorite items for customers to consider, such as the Teyla Maxi Dress, Kippa Sweater, Greydon Cane Mini Tote, Weekender High Rise Midi Legging, and the Calyssa 3/4 Sleeve Dress. Take advantage of this opportunity to save on your favorite Lilly Pulitzer styles.

Lilly Pulitzer Cyber Monday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 27
Lilly Pulitzer's Cyber Monday Sale is one of the year's biggest events, offering shoppers the chance to save on the brand's stylish and colorful resort wear. Typically, this sale takes place on the Monday following Black Friday and runs for a limited time. Shoppers can expect a discount of $20 for every $100 spent on the brand's website or in-store.
This sale is a rare opportunity to save on the brand's iconic dresses, separates, and accessories, as Lilly Pulitzer rarely offers discounts outside their semi-annual sale events. With the holiday season in full swing, this is the perfect time to pick up stylish gifts for friends and family or treat yourself to a new outfit.
Cyber Monday is a busy shopping day, so plan and take advantage of this limited-time offer. Browse the brand's website or visit a store in person to see all the items eligible for this promotion. With the discounts offered during this sale, you're sure to find something you love and stay within your budget. Take advantage of this opportunity to save big on the latest fashion from Lilly Pulitzer!

When does Lilly Pulitzer have sales?

Lilly Pulitzer is known for its premium resort wear and stylish clothing, but it also has a reputation for its infrequent sales. The brand only has a few sales per year, usually twice annually. This makes the sales a much-anticipated event for Lilly Pulitzer fans who have been eyeing a particular item or waiting for a discount to make a purchase.
Typically, Lilly Pulitzer has a big sale during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays. These sales offer customers the opportunity to save on a wide range of items, including dresses, tops, swimwear, accessories, and more. During these sales, customers can expect discounts of around 20% off their purchase when they spend a certain amount, such as $100. The exact details of the sale may vary, so it's a good idea to check the brand's website or social media pages to stay up-to-date on the latest information.
Aside from these holiday sales, Lilly Pulitzer occasionally has end-of-season sales, where customers can save on merchandise from the current season. Additionally, the brand has a "Sale" section on its website that features items at a reduced price year-round. It's worth checking this section frequently to see if any new items have been added to the sale selection.

When is the next Lilly Pulitzer sale?

I can't determine the exact dates of the next Lilly Pulitzer sale as the company has yet to announce its sale schedule in advance publicly. However, it is common for the brand to have sales twice a year, during the summer and winter seasons. These sales typically offer discounts on a selection of items, including clothing, accessories, and home goods.
To stay informed about future sales, you can sign up for Lilly Pulitzer's email newsletter, follow them on social media, or check their website regularly. By doing so, you'll be among the first to know about any new sale events and be able to take advantage of the discounts and special offers.

What are the best Lilly Pulitzer sales?

The best Lilly Pulitzer sales are usually semi-annual and holiday sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are rare opportunities for shoppers to save big on Lilly Pulitzer's resort wear and clothing items, which typically do not go on sale throughout the rest of the year.
During the semi-annual sales, shoppers can expect to receive discounts of up to 30% on select items, including dresses, skirts, tops, accessories, and more. This is a great chance for customers to stock up on their favorite Lilly Pulitzer items at a fraction of the cost.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are also great times to save on Lilly Pulitzer products. These sales often offer discounts of $20 to $30 off for every $100 spent, allowing customers to get more for their money. With so many beautiful items, these sales are the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something special or find the perfect gift for a loved one.

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