LL Bean Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

LL Bean Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

Wondering when the next LL Bean Sale is going down? Follow along with our handy Sale Calendar where we cover all sales as they go live as well as current offers.

Keep tabs on all current and upcoming sales and also get more information on the bigger sales so you have an idea of when is the best time to save at LL Bean.

We'll be covering current sales and offers closer to the top and a better breakdown of upcoming sales and sale dates as you scroll further.

Make sure you check out the daily sales, the Two-A-Day Daily Markdown is every day at 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. and the Travel & Gear Daily Markdown starts at 6 a.m. every day. We'll also updating this guide with LL Bean Coupons that get released, so make sure to bookmark and check back often.

Current LL Bean Offers:

For those looking to save now, some shoppers have reported that calling LL Bean (1-800-441-5713) and politely requesting a coupon code has resulted in getting a 20% off coupon.

Keep in mind this isn't a guarantee they'll say yes and your mileage may vary.

LL Bean Sale Schedule 2019

LL Bean has a bunch of sales spread throughout the year and we keep tabs on all recurring sales throughout the year so you have an idea of what's coming up next from LL Bean.

Here's a closer look at LL Bean's 2019 sales we're predicting:

Sale Predicted Sale Month
LL Bean After Christmas Sale December/January
LL Bean Winter Sale January/February
LL Bean Men's Boots Sale November/January/April
LL Bean Kayak Sale May
LL Bean Memorial Day Sale May
LL Bean Summer Sale July
LL Bean Backpack Sale July
LL Bean Clearance Sale Dates vary
LL Bean Furniture Sale Dates vary
LL Bean Labor Day Sale September 4th
LL Bean Thanksgiving Sale November 23rd
LL Bean Black Friday Sale November 23
LL Bean Cyber Monday Sale November 26

LL Bean Sale Calendar

We'll be rounding up individual LL Bean sale dates below so you can have an idea of upcoming sales and the next time you'll be able to save big at LL Bean.

We've separated LL Bean Sales by month so you have an idea of when the next LL Bean sale is.

LL Bean Daily Sales

You won't want want to miss out on LL Bean two a day sales. They're easily some of the best ways to get great deals at LL bean with deals better than some of the biggest sale days.

LL Bean Sale Tip: LL Bean will send those that signed up for LL Bean emails a rare 20% off your purchase coupon. To get this 20% off coupon sign up for emails to qualify.

LL Bean After Christmas Sale

  • Sale dates: After December 25th

The LL Bean After Christmas Sale is one of their top sales of the entire year. Here's some of the best deals:

This is a sale you don't want to miss. During this massive two month sale you can find prices slashed as much as 70% sitewide. This is always perfect timing to stock up everyone's closet and even grab some must-have items you've been waiting to go on sale.

LL Bean Backpack Sale

  • Sale dates:July 20th - August 27th

During this sale you're able to score backpacks for 20% off making tons of their backpacks fall to under $20 which is a bargain compared to normal prices on backpacks at LL Bean.

This is always my favorite place to go backpack shopping with their lifetime zipper guarantee you never have to worry about their zippers breaking halfway through the year.

Usually holding off and buying a backpack during the LL Bean Backpack Sale is a safe bet.

LL Bean Men's Boots Sale

  • Sale dates: November/January/Spring

While the Black Friday Sale is the most popular sale day, the boots sale is always one of the most anticipated sales of the year with how popular Bean boots are.

During the Boots sale you'll be able to score deep discounts on boots site-wide, we'll be covering all LL Bean Boots sales so you can know when the prices drop.

LL Bean Furniture Sale

  • Sale dates: Dates vary

The LL Bean furniture sales are not to be looked over. LL Bean randomly has furniture and home goods sales that can make for some huge savings. The only problem? These can pop up at anytime and are not always advertised. Don't worry we'll be tracking these too!

LL Bean Kayak Sale

  • Sale dates: Typically middle of May

The LL Bean Kayak Sale usually takes place during May where you can score sweet deals on Kayaks at LL Bean. You can expect something around 20% off your order during this sale.

While most of the time its one weekend only. Sometimes you can still find great deals on Kayaks all the way through June and it is defiantly worth checking out if you're in the market for a kayak.

LL Bean Memorial Day Sale

  • Sale dates: May 29th-31st

LL Bean's Memorial Day Sale is one of the top sales of the year thanks to a 20% off coupon.

During the 2019 LL Bean Memorial Day Sale LL Bean released a 20% off coupon that worked site-wide with every department. If you're looking to save during the summer, make sure you mark the the Memorial Day Sale on your calendar so you can save big at LL Bean.

LL Bean Labor Day Sale

  • Sale dates: September 4-5th

During the LL Bean 2019 Labor Day sale LL Bean released a rare coupon for 25% off your $50+ purchase when you enter coupon code LABORDAY at checkout.

Keep in mind that Labor Day promo codes changes from year to year so when we get it we'll have this guide updated with Labor Day coupons to make it easy to grab deals.

Grabbing a 25% off coupon any time of the year is great at LL Bean, so you won't want to miss this. This makes for great savings site-wide and is perfect timing to grab some fall clothes with the weather starting to get chilly, why not save a little while doing so!

LL Bean Thanksgiving Sale

  • Sale dates: November 23rd

LL Bean may be closed Thanksgiving Day in-store but that doesn't stop the savings from happening online from our favorite retailers.

In the past they released a 20% off code to use on Thanksgiving Day and we're expecting the same for 2019, expect this promo code to drop on or around November 23rd. We'll update this guide with Thanksgiving promo codes from LL Bean for easy deal grabbing.

LL Bean Black Friday Deals

Don't miss out on the biggest sale of the year from LL Bean.

The LL Bean Black Friday sale is one of the best time to grab some Bean Boots, expect a promo code for 25% off to get released on Black Friday. Last year in 2017 LL Bean offered 25% off with coupon FRIDAY25 at checkout.

We'll be covering the Black Friday Sale live with all the best deals in this guide so you won't miss out on Black Friday deals from LL Bean, bookmark to follow along.

LL Bean Cyber Monday Sale

During the LL Bean 2019 Cyber Monday Sale you can score a whopping 25% off Bean Boots, this is the top sale of the year and you should grab your boots before they sell out!

Another sweet thing about LL Bean Cyber Monday? Free shipping on all orders, it just makes the savings that much sweeter when you don't have to worry about shipping.

As always we cover Cyber Monday live so if you're looking to save this year bookmark this guide.

When does LL Bean have sales?

LL Bean has several sales throughout the year and bigger sales on the bigger shopping holidays like Black Friday and Thanksgiving. They also have a huge Winter Sale and Summer Sale that we'll keep you in the know about. Anytime you can get a 20% off coupon is the best time to shop.

When Is the LL Bean Black Friday sale?

The LL Bean Black Friday Sale actually begins on Thanksgiving night where LL Bean will release a promo code or coupon at midnight leading up to the Black Friday Sale

During this sale expect a rare 25% off coupon to get released making it the top sale of the year.

What Is the next LL Bean Sale?

The next LL Bean sales are the Kayak sale and the Spring sale which both happen in Spring!

Usually you can expect up to 25% off coupons during these sales making it one of the best sales to shop of the year, bookmark this page as we'll cover these sales live.

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Your turn:Which LL Bean Sale are you looking forward to most? Let us know your fave ways to save and share your LL Bean sale haul in the comments below! We'd love to hear!

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