LL Bean Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

Keep up to date with LL Bean Sales Dates with this handy savings calendar!
LL Bean Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide
Sometimes we get too much communication in various digital formats. Many of it is promotional marketing, and they try to push sales dates and information as much as possible. LL Bean does the same with its own version of an LL Bean Sale Schedule. Yet often, we get this information right before it happens without the time to prepare or even budget in advance.
This is a comprehensive guide for the year, so you know when to grab the sales by knowing the timing in advance. You don't want to be missing some of these discounts since they can be quite a deep discount! It will cover existing sales, as well as what's on the horizon.
Bookmark this page, as we'll be keeping this page updated regularly with new information.

Current LL Bean Offers:

LL Bean Sale Schedule

Sale NamePredicted Sale Date
LL Bean Winter Sale January/February
LL Bean Men's Boots Sale November/January/April
LL Bean Kayak Sale May
LL Bean Memorial Day Sale May 27
LL Bean Summer Sale July
LL Bean Labor Day Sale September 2
LL Bean Thanksgiving Sale November 28
LL Bean Black Friday Sale November 29
LL Bean Cyber Monday Sale December 2
LL Bean After Christmas Sale December 25

LL Bean Daily Sales

We start our journey for the best pricing with some staple sales that are available continuously. This means daily, people! And that means there's always something to be found. Keep in mind these are clearance-type items, but that doesn't mean there's any less quality or style with them.
There may also be a stricter return policy on some of these items, but LL Bean does the utmost to keep you informed.

Extra Discount Tip! Signing up for emails from LL Bean will come with a one-time 20% coupon. This coupon tends to be quite flexible and many times can be combined with other types of discounts, so don’t miss out!

LL Bean Sale Calendar

We hope you can refer back to this calendar so you have a better idea of when to expect LL Bean sales and so you can always figure out the timing for each sale. Since the discounts can be hefty, we'll cover them all more in-depth below to give you a better idea of each as well as cover each sale as it happens above.

LL Bean Boots Sale

  • Sale dates: November/January/Spring
Whether you want to grab a fresh pair of hiking boots or something to keep your feet warm in the winter, the LL Bean boots sale is one of the most coveted and anticipated sales they have. You can expect, at the minimum, to get a promo code or physical coupon up to 20% easily.

LL Bean Kayak Sale

  • Sale dates: May
LL Bean wants to make sure you enjoy all your adventures year-round. That's why as soon as May hits, you can start to enjoy the LL Bean Kayak Sale. It may only be for one weekend, but with 20% discounts coming your way, it's worth marking it on your calendar to grab the perfect kayak for the summer.

LL Bean Memorial Day Sale

  • Sale dates: May 27th
Always a great sale to look forward to, the LL Bean Memorial Day Sale is one of the big ones where you can stock up on all your summer apparel and make sure you're ready for that heat! Whether you need water-related equipment or lighter hiking gear, expect the bare minimum, 20% off sitewide!

LL Bean Labor Day Sale

  • Sale dates: September 2nd
This is a big one. This may change yearly, but the discounts are always huge. During the 2022 sale we saw ourselves with a 70% discount on many items, with an additional 20% discount site-wide. The code was GREATS20, and the deals were real.
Our guide will always have the latest before the sale, so you’re ready to go and buy. And yes, the deep discounts are on fall and winter-based apparel as well as some back-to-school items for the children.

LL Bean Thanksgiving Sale

  • Sale dates: November 28th
The best part about the internet is being able to shop online from the comfort of your home after waking up from your turkey nap.
In 2021 we saw 15% off site-wide but with many stacking possibilities to increase your savings. We’ll work tirelessly this year and every year to monitor the best stackable rates as we’ve seen savings easily go up to 20% and sometimes even up to 50% or more!

LL Bean Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 29th
We’re expecting big things this year for the Black Friday sale. It will be a return to normal shopping with an online shopping frenzy. We've seen in the past promotions ranging in the 25% area.
Don't worry; we'll be on-site ourselves and cover the Black Friday sale live to show you those amazing deals. We've seen various ranges in our experience ranging from 50%-70% off. This is both offline and online so stay tuned.

LL Bean Cyber Monday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 28
Another sales date we cover live is Cyber Monday. Last year seemed a bit lackluster in 2021 with a 15% discount on Wicked Good Slippers. Again not a bad item, but we simply expected a higher discount. To be fair, this item seems to be rarely on sale, so we'll take it.
We're hoping that, at the least, this will also include some free shipping options, as we've seen in the past, as this is an online-only event. We'll let you know in advance so you can, again, plan accordingly!

LL Bean After Christmas Sale

  • Sale dates: After December 25th

Although we don't want to be biased, this may be the best sale season LL Bean offers. It starts on December 25 (or, at the latest, the next day) and can last into the new year. It’s about getting rid of all the older stock and is a great way for you to pick it up at a heavy discount.

How heavy of a discount? 70% heavy. This is all items must go. You can risk it towards the end of the sale, where discounts may go even higher, but keep in mind that selection will be extremely limited. This is a great time to stock up for gifts throughout the new year as needed.

When does LL Bean have sales?

The ones mentioned above are the ones we like to follow, as that's where we've seen some of the best stackable discounts on some premium items.
But, of course, these items also tend to be for the season ahead as well.
In addition, there's a big seasonal sale in winter and summer, but they can sometimes push out older stock to give space for the newer inventory. We'll keep you informed as always so you can pick up some great discounts there as well.

When Is the LL Bean Black Friday sale?

Many think it's Friday after Thanksgiving. Technically that is true, but it's really the evening before Thanksgiving at midnight. This is when the coupons will be released, with the range being from 20%-25%. For physical locations, the hours may vary.

What Is the next LL Bean Sale?

That depends on when you catch our guide! At the moment, in 2022, as of this writing, the next big LL Bean sale is actually the big Trifecta of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
We’ll help you navigate the chaos and get the best deals possible.

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