Lowes Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

Sale dates, upcoming sales and best ways to save today when shopping at Lowes
Lowes Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide
If you shop at Lowe's when the time is right, you can find some serious scores on everything from mulch to flooring. That saves you money and you can use those savings on whatever your next project is. Our team has put together this handy sales calendar so you can track upcoming sales so you know the best times to buy.

Lowe's, one of my go to spots for grabbing home improvement supplies, has various sales throughout the year. Shopping at Lowes during these bigger sales will offer you supplies at a much lower price than other days.

From mulch to flooring, you will find serious scores on everything during the Lowe’s big sales, but tracking them is a little tricky as they can vary by date. With our love for home improvement, we're always looking for the best deals and coupons to add to our Lowe's sales database to help shoppers save. Consider this sales guide a deep dive to find out the best things to buy during Lowe's biggest sales

Current Lowes Offers

Before we get started, have you heard about Lowe's Price Promise? It's pretty much a policy taken by the company to guarantee that you get what you want at the lowest possible price.

Under Lowe's Price Promise, the company ensures that it will match the price of anything in the current stock if you find an identical item at one of Lowe's competitor stores. The Price Promise will include the price of the item as well as their shipping and delivery charges.

Just call the number 1-877-465-6937 to get an online price match! The Price Promise covers Amazon.com, Wayfair.com, Walmart.com, and Target.com. You can also avail of the Price Promise offer for HomeDepot.com, BestBuy.com, Macys.com, Acehardware.com, JCPenny.com, Tractorsupply.com, and BedBathandBeyond.com.
You can also sign up for Lowes emails to be the first to know about sales and promotional offers sent straight to your inbox. Lowe's will also send you exclusive offers, coupons, and promo codes!

Lowe's Sale Dates

SalePredicted Sale Date
5 for $10 Mulch Sale March and September
Presidents’ Day Sale February 20
Refrigerator Sales April and May
Memorial Day Sale May 29
Appliance Sales September and October
Father's Day Sale June 18
4th of July Sale July 4
Labor Day Sale September 5
Black Friday Sale November 25
Holiday Season Sales November and December

Lowe's Sale Calendar

If you shop at Lowe's at the right times, you can find serious discounts on everything from mulch to flooring. Our team has put together this Lowe's sale calendar so you know what and when to buy at Lowe's to make sure you save the most, that way you save money, and keep your focus on your next project.

Lowe's 5 for $10 Mulch Sale

Sale Dates: March and September

Do you love gardening? Then the 5 for $10 Mulch sales at Lowe's is the best time to stock up on mulch. These sales usually start at the beginning of Fall or Spring. You can score this offer at the store or online to get the bags of mulch delivered right to your doorstep.
Even premium brands like Scotts are included in the 5 in $10 mulch sales. However, the items on offer may vary depending on the current inventory. You'll want to keep tabs sale that way you can be first to get over to Lowe's and snag the bags of mulch you're needing as stock can be limited.

Lowe's Appliance Sales

Sale Dates: September and October

Want to upgrade your home appliances but don't have a large budget? The Appliance Sale is the best time to buy a new washer or an oven at the best possible price.

Usually, around September and October, the manufacturers start shipping their latest models to the stores. So, the slightly older models are available at a much lower price to make room for the new inventory. At Lowe's, you will find the best deals on all major appliances!

Lowe's Refrigerator Sales

Sale Dates: April and May

The new models of refrigerators usually get shipped to the retail stores before summer, i.e, around July. Thus, to make room for the new inventory, the price of the previous year's refrigerators is slashed down.

This is the best time to bring home a brand-new refrigerator so that you can enjoy homemade popsicles and slushies during the upcoming summer vacations. These sales tend to happen around April and May of each year so be sure to check back around that time so you can see what deals are going in with our guide.

Lowe's Presidents’ Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: February 20

If you like to give a new look to your interior decor, you should mark the President's Day sale in your calendar. It is when you will find hundreds of items like Home decor, bathroom essentials, and other home improvement tools at a 20% discount at Lowes, be sure to check back in around that time for major home scores.

Lowe's Memorial Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: May 29

The Memorial Day Sale is one of the most popular sales at Lowe's in the summer. It begins on the Friday before Memorial Day and stays throughout the summer. You can find so many amazing offers and discounts on lawn and garden accessories like tools, grills, outdoor cooking, etc.

The prices of patio furniture are also slashed down. If you have moved into a new house with a beautiful lawn and patio, the Memorial Day Sale at Lowe's is the best time to buy all the new outdoor decor.

Lowe's Father's Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: June 18

Planning to build a new tree house for your kids? Hit the nearest Lowe's store or shop online anytime from June 1 to get the best deals on tools, outdoor decor, and other appliances.

The sale usually continues throughout June. Your kids will be over the moon when they see the tree house and you will be able to save a lot of money and also earn the title of the " Best Dad Ever" too! A win-win for all.

Lowe's 4th of July Sale

  • Sale Dates: July 4

Fourth July cannot be spent without a barbeque and enjoying the fireworks with your family. If you are looking for a new outdoor grill, the Fourth of July Sale at Lowe's is the best time to buy it.

You can also get 50% off on other major appliances, patio furniture, and outdoor cooking equipment. So if you're in the market for a new grill, be sure to check out the 4th of July sale that happens yearly at Lowes.

Lowe's Labor Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: September 5
The Labor Day sale begins on the Friday before Labor Day and continues till mid-September. At Lowe's, you can enjoy up to 40% discount on different patio furniture. You can even save as much as $500 on major appliances.

Lowe's Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 25
If you haven't shopped during the Lowes Black Friday sale, you cannot call yourself a savvy shopper. The Lowe's Black Friday sale starts at 6 AM the day after Thanksgiving and will be some of their best deals of the year.
You can find huge discounts and markdowns on all the appliances, paints, patio furniture tools, flooring, home decor, etc. You can even get premium products like Dyson vacuums and smart home technology at a lower price.
You'll really always want to just check the offers during Lowe's Black Friday, because it's super fun and some of the deals every year are can't miss. Usually all of the best deals are listed right on the homepage so you don't even have to put your turkey down, you can skim the offers right from your couch while watching football.

Lowe's Holiday Season Sales

  • Sale Dates: November - December
The Holiday season sales begin after the Black Friday sale and continue till Christmas. During this time, you can find high discounts on almost everything. According to most home improvement enthusiasts I know, this is the best time to stock up on the tools and appliances you need for the next year.

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