Lululemon Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

Upcoming sales, predicted sale dates and how you can save today while shopping Lululemon
Lululemon Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

Nobody loves paying full price for items, especially for those expensive, reputable brands we love the most, right? If Lululemon is one of those faves, but you're struggling to plan ahead for their yearly sales, our Lululemon sale schedule gives you the best way to prepare!

These huge discounts mean you can get even more bang for your buck - it's always more satisfying to use your savings wisely during a sale period, which results in a massive shopping haul compared to purchasing one piece at full price.

If you're looking to shop and save, our Lululemon savings guide will help you prepare and save the most on the next Lululemon sale with our tips on the best times to shop, iconic deals, and more information about each particular sale.

Current Lululemon Offers

Lululemon Sale Schedule

SalePredicted Sale Date
We Made Too Much Shop now
Outlet Sale Year round (find outlet)
Memorial Day Sale May 29th
Labor Day Sale September 4th
Black Friday Sale November 25th
Cyber Monday Sale November 28th

Lululemon Sale Calendar

Imagine your regular calendar with dates for birthdays or other special events. Our Lululemon sale calendar is as simple and straightforward as that but focuses solely on all upcoming Lululemon sales!

So, if you're a Lulu-fanatic, it'll no doubt make a world of difference when it comes to saving the most with your favorite brand. We'll cover all upcoming Lululemon sales and what you, as a shopper, can expect from them.

Lululemon We Made Too Much Sale

  • When: All-year-round
  • Where: Online

Lululemon's "We Made Too Much" Sale is an ongoing, all-year-round sale. Their website has a dedicated section for this sale, which features a variety of their best sellers with big discounts. Traditionally, these are 30% off but have even further reductions with their iconic yearly sales.

The name for this sale section is perfect - all of the products in this sale range come with the same amazing quality as any popular Lululemon item, but the brand "made too many" of these designs!

Due to the ever-changing and endless new design launches of brands, these styles can't stick around forever, so a sale was the perfect answer to this problem. To shop this particular sale, simply head over to the Lululemon website, and you'll see the sale section within the men's or women's category.

Lululemon Outlet Sale

  • When: All-year-round
  • Where: In-store

If you love sales but don't particularly enjoy the rush and anxiousness of purchasing online without trying on the items first, an outlet is perfect for you.

Lululemon outlet sales are similar to their "we made too much section," but instead, these are places you can physically browse, try on, and purchase their items with the bonus of huge savings.

Currently, there are 29 Lululemon outlets, so all you have to do is look for an outlet near you with a quick Google search and make your way there with shopping bags in hand!

Lululemon Memorial Day Sale

  • When: Memorial Day Long Weekend (29th May)
  • Where: Online

The Lululemon Memorial Day sale is a very special sale period for the brand as it highlights the United States federal holiday, honoring fallen U.S military personnel. It's also a popular weekend for kicking off the start of summer - the perfect time to pick up some new workout gear for the gym, hikes, daily walks, and more.

That's why Lululemon's Memorial Day Sale is one of the best - who doesn't love refreshing their summer faves for the hottest season of the year? This long weekend provides you with numerous drool-worthy discounts that are bound to get your shopping cart full.

Lululemon Labor Day Sale

  • When: Labor Day Long Weekend (4th September)
  • Where: Online

While Lululemon might break the budget at full price, their best sales of the year, including their Labor Day sale, make it very possible for you to snag some amazing bargains at great prices. With this huge sale, you can save up to 80% off on a variety of their activewear, including sports bras, leggings, and more.

Lululemon Black Friday Sale

  • When: Black Friday (25th Nov)
  • Where: In-store & online

If there's one thing we know for certain, and you probably know it too, it's that Black Friday is by far the biggest sale of the year for every brand.

Lulelemon's Black Friday Sale is easily their top yearly sale, and you can certainly expect them to deliver on their promise of enormous discounts. This is the best opportunity to try Lululemon for the first time, restock your favorite pieces, or mix it up and buy their brand-new launches.

But hurry and act fast - this is a short sale period with HUGE deals that are expected to sell out quickly, especially with the brand's large number of customers.

Lululemon Cyber Monday Sale

  • When: Cyber Monday (28th Nov)
  • Where: In-store & online

If you missed out on the Black Friday sale period, don't panic.

The Cyber Monday Sale is the next Lululemon sale and gives you another opportunity to shop with great discounts on all your faves. You can find these sale items in-store and online, but only for a limited time, and once it's gone - it's gone!

When Does Lululemon have sales?

The sales listed in this Lululemon sale schedule are the most consistent sale periods for the brand. However, there are rare events when Lululemon features sudden flash sales that even we can't predict.

The "we made too much" sale section is a permanent addition to their website that can be shopped all year round, so at the very least, you know there's a way to shop with savings at any time you feel like splurging with less guilt. If you had to choose one sale out of them all, we recommend Black Friday as it's their biggest sale of the year and, therefore, the best savings!

Tips For Saving At Lululemon

Want to save even more at Lululemon? Here are our quick top 5 tips.

  1. Stick to the sales - this one is a given, but with Lululemon undeniably being an expensive sportswear brand (and it's little wonder why with their high-quality designs), you're always going to save the most money during sale periods. This Lululemon sale schedule is a lifesaver!
  2. Shop with discounts - aside from sales, there are some other ways you can get discounts while shopping at Lululemon. These include:
    • 25% off for healthcare workers, military, and first responders ○
    • "Sweat Collective" 25% off program (for fitness instructors, athletes, etc.)
  3. Take advantage of free repairs - one of the most thoughtful ways Lululemon maintains excellent customer care is with their free repairs and hemming. Instead of purchasing new leggings due to a torn hem, for example, take them instore, and they'll help fix them up like new.
  4. Subscribe & save - sign up to their newsletter and become an email subscriber to keep your purchases on file and to be instantly notified of upcoming Lululemon sales and limited-time offers (plus, you might get the occasional subscriber discount, too)!
  5. Care for your items - one of the best ways to save money and prevent overpurchasing items constantly is to take good care of your current Lululemon wardrobe. With proper care of these expensive items, they'll last you for years, so you won't need to shop regularly for restocks.

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