Old Navy Sale Calendar: A Quick Savings Guide 2018

Old Navy Sale Calendar: A Quick Savings Guide 2018

If you're on the hunt for the next Old Navy sale look no further.

With how hard it is to keep up with Old Navy sales we figured why not make an Old Navy sale calendar to cover all sale dates to make saving easy this year.

Below, we'll be rounding up sale dates, sale information and also current offers so if you're looking to save now this guide should help you out as well.

Since Old Navy is always running promos, we'll be keeping track of current sales, upcoming sales and also any promo codes or coupons that are current. Below we'll list more detailed sale information and try and keep up to date sales closer to the top.

Current Old Navy Offers:

Old Navy Sale Schedule

  • Old Navy Flip Flop Sale — June 23rd
  • Old Navy Presidents' Day Sale — February 18th
  • Old Navy Memorial Day Sale — May 26-28th
  • Old Navy Uniform Sales — July
  • Old Navy Labor Day Sale — September 2
  • Old Navy Black Friday SaleNovember 23rd
  • Old Navy Cyber Monday SaleNovember 26th
  • Old Navy Winter Sale — December 19th - January 15th
  • Old Navy Jeans Sale — Dates vary
  • Old Navy 75% Off Sales — Dates vary

Old Navy Sale Calendar

We're going to be rounding up Old Navy sale dates and breakdown the bigger sale information so you'll know when you can score the best deals at Old Navy.

Keep in mind dates are subject to change as we cover them as we go, but we'll be covering the current sales as well and will try and keep them closer to the top for easy saving.

Old Navy Clearance Event

  • Sale Dates: Dates vary

Every now and then you can expect Old Navy to have flash clearance events that are usually some of the top sales of the year. These sales pop up randomly and usually consist of markdowns on clearance that can be up to 75% off Old Navy clearance.

Old Navy Flip Flop Sale

  • Sale Dates: June 23rd

The Old Navy Flip Flop sale is one of the most popular sales from any store we cover.

Flip flops at Old Navy have always had a cult like following but since they've had these once a year Old Navy Flip Flop sales it's been completely nuts.

During the Old Navy Flip Flop sale you can score flip flops for just $1.

The sale usually goes down in the middle of June but there is also an additional flip flop sale date which happens in May but that sale is just for cardholders only.

We cover both sales live as they get announced up until the big Flip Flop sale.

Old Navy Presidents' Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: February 18

You won't want to miss out on Old Navy's Presidents' Day sales.

Usually during these sales there is a set amount discounted site-wide and if you're shopping in-store as well. The promotion is usually around 40-50% the entire store too. In past years it's been a coupon that gets released at midnight the night before the sale.

It's one of the bigger sales of the year from Old Navy we never miss out on.

Old Navy Jeans Sale

  • Sale Dates: Dates vary

During Old Navy Jeans sales you can expect the best deals on jeans all year.

These sales pop up randomly but usually occur in between the bigger sales to hold us over.

Usually during jean sales at Old Navy the promotion is something like all jeans site-wide are marked down and the price is usually around $20 for adult jeans and $12 for kids jeans.

The promotions vary from jean sale to jean sale, but we'll cover the sales live.

Old Navy Memorial Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: April 2 - 13th

Don't miss out on Old Navy's Memorial Day sale.

During the 2018 Memorial Day sale Old Navy offered 50% off tees, tanks, shorts and swimwear. There were plenty of deals this year for the whole family, plus dresses were 30% off site-wide!

Old Navy Labor Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: September 3

The Old Navy Labor Day sale is now live for 2018 in-store and online.

There are some huge savings to be had including the biggest deal which is a whopping 50% off all jeans, tees, sweatshirts and dresses and a bunch of smaller deals you won't want to miss.

Make sure you stop by Old Navy during Labor Day weekend where they have one of their bigger sales of the summer that's even up there with Black Friday sales.

Usually during the Labor Day sale we expect something around 50% off the entire store with up to 75% off clearance, which make for some huge savings.

Old Navy Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 23 - 28th

The Old Navy Black Friday sale is the top sale of the year.

The Old Navy Black Friday sale is usually spread out through the month of November as the pre-Black Friday 'pre-party sale' which is usually around 40% off your purchase.

This pre-party Black Friday sale is followed by the early access Black Friday sale that's just for cardholders this sale is also 40% off your purchase typically.

During the Black Friday sale there is a lot going on at Old Navy. Last year from November 17th to the 21st they held the 5 days of cray sale where you could score 50% off holiday faves and deals from $5. Usually Old Navy offers around 50% off your entire purchase each Black Friday.

They also have cool promotions like $1 cozy socks that donates proceeds to Boys & Girls Clubs.

Old Navy Cyber Monday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 27 - 29th

If you miss out on the Old Navy Black Friday, don't worry.

The Cyber Monday sale is just as good, usually during Cyber Monday at Old Navy you can score the same exact Black Friday deals that were available, but online only. It's a neat concept we appreciate for those that can't make it out to the Black Friday sale.

So you can expect around 50% off the entire website on Cyber Monday, we seriously love it. It's nice to know if you miss out on Black Friday you can always grab on Cyber Monday!

When is Old Navy's Flip Flop sale?

The Old Navy flip flop sale is easily one of the most popular sales the store has. The Old Navy Flip Flop sale will take places on June 23rd this year so mark your calendar for the big day.

Your turn:What did you save on at Old Navy today? Share your haul or pickups in the comments so others can score in on the deals. We'd love to hear!


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