Old Navy Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

Sale dates, upcoming sales and best ways to save today when shopping at Old Navy
Old Navy Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide
As one of the most tried and true reliable clothing brands, Old Navy has been a staple of American clothing since the 1990s. The brand prides itself on providing cute and comfortable fashion for the whole family at reasonable prices. However, we all love to save a little bit of extra money, don’t we?
Old Navy is also known for its incredible deals, but they only happen at certain times of the year. With scheduled sales like this, it can be difficult to know when you should wait for the next sale or when you should take advantage of current deals.
If you are looking for the right time to shop at Old Navy, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will go over all of the major sales that take place throughout the year so that you can know about upcoming sales, that way you can wait for the next sale to maximize your savings.

Below, we've rounded up all the sales dates you can expect from Old Navy this year, so you'll never miss out on the great deals. Bookmark this page, as we'll be keeping this page updated regularly with new information.

Current Old Navy Offers:

Before we get started, you should know new subscribers when you sign up for Old Navy emails get a whopping 30% off discount on your purchase. This discount can be used online, or in-store, you it's one of the easiest ways to start saving at Old Navy today if you are looking for a simple way to save now.

Also when you go to the Coupons and Offers page, scroll to the bottom and enter your phone number to subscribe to Old Navy text offers, you will also get a $5 off $35 coupon for doing so.

Old Navy Sale Dates

SalePredicted Sale Date
Old Navy Presidents' Day Sale February 20
Old Navy Memorial Day Sale May 29
Old Navy Clearance Sales Dates vary
Old Navy Flip Flop Sale June 23
Old Navy Uniform Sale July
Old Navy Labor Day Sale September 5
Old Navy Jeans Sale Dates vary
Old Navy Black Friday Sale November 25
Old Navy Cyber Monday Sale November 28

Old Navy Sale Calendar

Good intro explaining the sale calendar heres an example for another store we did one for that's called Carters, please do something similar for Old Navy:

There’s no question that everyone can appreciate a great discount, especially on baby and toddler apparel. Little ones can grow out of their clothing in the blink of an eye. That’s why it's important to save money whenever you can when shopping for their wardrobes.

What if I told you that you don’t have to wait for the next Carter’s sale in order to receive your savings? That’s right! In addition to our complete guide to Carter's Sale Schedule, this post will feature some current Carter’s discounts and offers for those of you who just can't wait to get back to shopping at Carter's.

If you’re on the hunt for the best ways to save at Carter's, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will walk you through all of the major sales at Carter's and offer you exclusive discounts.

Old Navy Clearance Event

As an affordable clothing brand, Old Navy is well-known for carrying a hefty clearance section. Year round you can find great deals on the clearance racks at Old Navy, but did you know that Old Navy holds a specific sale for their clearance markdowns? That's when you'll want to stay on the lookout for the clearance events.
The 2021 Old Navy Epic Clearance Event took up to 75% off of existing clearance inventory and many more items were marked down to 50% off! As well, Old Navy offered an extra 20% off coupon for online purchases of clearance items during this event, making the Clearance Event one to keep an eye out for.

Old Navy Flip Flop Sale

This iconic Old Navy sale starts on June 23rd and is one of the most well-known Old Navy promotions that they run. Each year I look forward to this sale so I can stock up on my favorite flip flops.

Instead of their typical pricing, Old Navy sets all of their flip flops to just $1 per pair to help kickstart your summer clothes shopping. As we all know, flip flops typically only last 1-2 summers so this sale is a great opportunity to stock up on new pairs for the next summer and for a buck a piece, it's a hard sale to pass on.
If you are an Old Navy cardholder, you will be able to enjoy this promotion earlier than non-cardholders. Keep an eye out for the special cardholder sale date as the date has fluctuated from year to year.

Old Navy Jeans Sale

The Old Navy Jeans Sale is a regularly occurring sale at Old Navy that discounts their denim jeans to up to 50% off. This sale is another one that is difficult to name exactly when it happens, but for good reason! The sale is so common that just about every few months you'll be able to check and see the sale is back.

Old Navy usually hosts this sale about every other month so keep an eye out for it. You will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the Old Navy jeans discounts throughout the year!

Old Navy Memorial Day Sale

Jumping into the holiday sales that Old Navy offers is the iconic Old Navy Memorial Day Sale. This sale is a staple of summer attire purchases. It can help you to significantly reduce the costs of updating your family’s closets ahead of the warmer months.

In the past, the dates of this sale have varied, but they typically hold this sale about a week before Memorial Day and through the long weekend of the holiday. In 2018, the discounts were astounding, and Old Navy discounted their summer attire to 50% off for clothing for the whole family.

Old Navy Labor Day Sale

The Old Navy Labor Day Sale lasted all of Labor Day weekend in 2022 and offered different discounts on different days to meet the needs of the entire family. The deals were incredible this year and we suspect that they will be just as good next year in 2023!
The sale lasted from September 2nd to September 5th this year with the best discount (in our opinion!) on September 3rd with 50% off all jeans at Old Navy. Other discounts included 60% off storewide styles and 50% off all dresses. Another amazing sale you'll want to keep tabs on with the savings being this big.

Old Navy Black Friday Sale

We couldn’t provide you with an entire article on all of the amazing sales that happen at Old Navy without mentioning the best of the best: the Old Navy Black Friday sale. We get it, shopping on Black Friday can be a huge headache and you might be wanting to stay as far away from the malls as possible on the day after Thanksgiving, but this is one of the best sales of the entire year from any store.

But the good news us, Old Navy gets it too. So their Black Friday sale usually runs for the entire week leading up to the actual day of Black Friday. You can enjoy these amazing deals without the hassle of the crowds on the day of Black Friday. Old Navy calls this “pre-Black Friday”. What's amazing is these deals are their killer Black Friday deals so you're not missing much by shopping early (or later) during Old Navy Black Friday.
Last year, Old Navy hosted their Black Friday sale as a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year we expect them to host their sales in person again as well as online! These deals are incredible with 50% off all items in the store. This promotion is the perfect time to stock up on winter wear and basics for your whole family. From jeans to adorable sweaters to essentials like socks and underwear, the Old Navy Black Friday sale is definitely one to be taken advantage of.
As well, don’t forget to think about the upcoming holiday season and potential gift ideas that you can find on discount through this sale, because the savings are site-wide and perfect for the whole family!

Old Navy Cyber Monday Sale

Following the amazing Black Friday sale at Old Navy is the Cyber Monday Sale which typically runs from November 27th to 29th. You might find this sale to be extremely similar to the Black Friday sale, that is because for the most part it is a “Part Two” of Black Friday at Old Navy, which doesn't discount the sale at all.

Old Navy typically runs this sale in a similar fashion where most items that the clothing store carries are 50% off.
The only catch is that with this sale, it is an online only sale! Hence the name, Cyber Monday. This is a great opportunity to circle back and grab any items that you may have been unsure of during the Black Friday sale. And the best part is, doing it from the comfort of my couch makes it always a must check Cyber Monday.

When does Old Navy have sales?

The answer to this question is: very frequently! We hope that you can take advantage of the consistent sales that Old Navy has in order to find the best discounts for your family’s shopping and clothing needs.
Remember that Black Friday and Cyber Monday will have the largest discounts. You should try to do the majority of your clothing shopping during these sales to save the most!
If you want to make sure that you are in the know about the sales at Old Navy, be sure to bookmark this article so that you can refer back to it! Knowing when the sales at Old Navy are happening will help you to save the most money on your shopping.
Happy shopping and deal hunting!


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