ULTA Sale Calendar: Sales Dates & Savings Guide 2019

ULTA Sale Calendar: Sales Dates & Savings Guide 2019

If you've ever wondered when the next ULTA sale is, you're in the right place.

With how often Ulta has sales, we figured why not round them up in one easy to follow guide so you'll never miss and Ulta sale again.

Whether you're on the hunt for Liter Sales Dates, when the Shampoo Sale is or the next Jumbo Sale we're keeping track of all the bigger sales for easy saving.

We're also keeping tabs on Ulta sale dates to give you a better idea of when sales are upcoming as well as sharing any Ulta coupons we come across for those wanting to save now.

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Current Ulta Offers:

ULTA Sale Schedule

We'll be rounding up upcoming sale dates and the bigger sales below to follow along as sales come and go. Keep in mind, live sales will be featured at the top for easy deal grabbing.

Sale Predicted Sale Date
ULTA Jumbo Love Event January
ULTA Gorgeous Hair Event Spring & October
ULTA Jumbo Liter Event July & December
ULTA NYX Sale February 25 - March 4
ULTA Liter Sale January
ULTA Memorial Day Sale May
ULTA Labor Day Sale/21 Days of Beauty Sale September
ULTA Black Friday Sale November
ULTA Cyber Monday Sale November 26
ULTA Thanksgiving Sale November
ULTA Semi-Annual Sale July, September & January

The Gorgeous Hair Event just passed, upcoming sales for Ulta Beauty are the three bigger sales in November: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Thanksgiving Sale.

These will be followed by the Jumbo Liter Sale which goes live at the end of December.

Ulta Liter Sale Dates 2019

Sale DatesDecember/January
Previous Sale Dates12/25/16 — 1/28/17
12/25/17 — 1/27/18
12/25/18 — 1/26/19

During the Jumbo Love Winter Sale score jumbo sized hair care products as low as $12.99 expect this sale to start around Christmas and go until the end of January. Also, see if there is a coupon for $3.50 off any qualify purchase before checking out for more savings.

We usually call the Winter Sale the Liter Sale and the Summer Sale the Jumbo Love sales but you'll be able to get just as good savings during both, it's just an easier way to keep track of sale dates.

As you can see with our sale trends these have happened at the end of the year in both 2016 and 2017 so we're predicting the same trend for 2018 going into 2019.

Ulta Jumbo Love Sale Dates 2019

  • Sale Dates: 07/01/18 — 07/28/18
  • Previous Sale Dates: 07/01/18 — 07/28/18 and 07/02/17 — 7/22/17

The Jumbo Love Summer Sale which usually takes place around July 1-2 to the 29th is the Summer Sale we're keeping track of but keep in mind, it's best to keep your eye on these sale dates and be first to shop the sale because expect these to sell out quick once it goes live.

Don't forget to check for Ulta Beauty promo codes for more savings during this sale before checking out. Usually there is a $3.50 off coupon that works during this sale.

ULTA Sale Calendar

We'll be rounding up all bigger sale dates below so you'll have an idea of upcoming sales from Ulta Beauty, we'll rotate current sales closer to the top for those looking to save now.

Gorgeous Hair Event

  • Sale Dates: October 1 - 21 and May 14 - June 3rd

The Gorgeous Hair Event is a 3-week long sale that offers new daily deals and steals every day from your favorite haircare brands. During this sale, score up to 50% off and some even more.

The popular items sell out quick so you'll want to check in as the sales go live. There's also online exclusives during this sale so you'll want to check in-store and online.

Ulta Jumbo Liter Event

  • Sale Dates: December and July

This is the time to stock up on your haircare products! Twice a year ULTA spoils us with jumbo sized products of our favorite haircare brands with huge sales known as the Liter Sale.

To give an idea of when to expect these, one happens at the beginning of July we called this sale the Jumbo Love Summer Sale and it starts at the beginning of July typically the first or the second.

The Winter sale we typically refer to as the Jumbo Love Winter Sale and this one occurs around the end of December and goes into January, expect this to start on or around Christmas.

These are two of the biggest shopping events of the year so we advise you get to the stores early or load your carts online early and as always, check for a coupon before you check out.

ULTA Memorial Day Sale

  • Dates: May 28th

The Ulta Memorial Day Sale coincides with the Gorgeous Hair Event that runs a couple times a year like in October but this sale runs from May 14th to June 3rd and is a great time to save.

We cover this sale live and update this sales guide with the best deals.


  • Sale Dates: February 25 - March 4

The ULTA NYX Sale features lots of BOGO deals that can't be beat. In fact, just about every year they offer buy one, get one free on ALL of their NYX eye and face products!

That includes primers, foundations, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara and more.

ULTA Labor Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: September 3

The ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Sale is actually a better term for the Ulta Labor Day Sale because they don't limit it to one day but rater three weeks of beauty deals and steals with new items up for grabs every day at around half off or more!

They also have exclusive online-only deals that you won't find in-stores. This sale runs every year in September and for 21 days.

ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Sale

  • Sale Dates: September 3 - September 22nd

One of Ulta's most popular sale days which runs from September 2nd through September 22nd is Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty Sale which has some awesome deals all throughout.

Starting September 3rd and running for 21 days, the 21 Days of Beauty Steals Sale is a fan-favorite where you can score up 50% off favorites from all of your favorite beauty brands or more!

Each day offers several new beauty deals to take advantage of, some being available online only.

ULTA Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 23-25

The Black Friday Sale usually opens up at 6PM on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day and runs through Saturday November 25th with exclusive deals online only that you won't find in the store and doorbusters every hour, it's one of the best sales of the year. Since the Black Friday Sale is so popular we'll be covering it live with all the best deals.

Ulta Cyber Monday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 27

The Ulta Cyber Monday Sale is always a favorite, allowing you to grab all of your great beauty deals without having to fight the crowds in the stores over the Thanksgiving holiday.

During the Ulta Cyber Monday sale expect free shipping at $35, exclusive deals and a free beauty bag with purchase. The deals can even be as good as some of the Black Friday deals too.

ULTA Thanksgiving Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 23

Like most retailers, Ulta has joined the group who open their doors on turkey day.

That means you can start shopping as early as 6PM on Thanksgiving Day and score deals that you won't even be able to find on Black Friday and it's easily one of our favorite times to shop of the year at Ulta before all the great deals are gone!

ULTA After Christmas Sale

  • Sale Dates: Dates vary

The Ulta After-Christmas Sale offers a variety of sale items with an emphasis on a holiday clearance, usually this sale is featured all over Ulta's homepage after Christmas.

If you didn't grab that Advent Calendar, for example, (and if they're still in stock) you can get it at a super low price after the holiday. Plus they bump their usual $3.50 off $15+ coupon up to $5 off $15+ or 20% off your purchase!

ULTA Love Your Skin Sale

  • Sale Dates: January 8 - 28th

The Ulta Love Your Skin Sale is a hot way to score 50% off deals on your favorite skincare brands and accessories and usually happens from the start until the end of January.

Combine all these sale offers during the Love Your Skin Sale with the current coupon and you're sitting even prettier with some huge savings during this one.

Your turn: Are you looking forward to a specific ULTA sale? Let us know your favorite sales and don't forget to share your haul in the comments so others can score!

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