Sonic Happy Hour 2018: The Complete Guide (Hours, Pricing & Info)

Sonic Happy Hour: The Complete Guide

Happy Hour at Sonic is one of those things we've all heard about...

But when it comes down to it, how much do we really know about it?

Like when exactly is Happy Hour at Sonic and what's included in it?

We'll we're rounding up exactly that, we'll be covering Sonic happy hour prices, the Sonic Happy Hour menu and any tips that will help you save during Sonic Happy Hour 2018!

Sonic Happy Hour

You're on the hunt for what's on the Sonic menu (or when it starts) so you do a quick search.

Problem is most don't get a complete breakdown of what the Sonic Happy Hour is so we figured we'd go ahead and make the complete guide to have everything in one place.

During Happy Hour at Sonic you can enjoy half price drinks and slushes, and also 99 cent corn dogs. But is there more?

Yes there is:

There's also a few bonus ways to save at Sonic that most don't know about that we'll cover too!

When is Sonic Happy Hour?

Sonic offers Sonic Happy Hour every day from 2 pm to 4pm.

What's on the Sonic Happy Hour Menu?

While the menu may change in the future, the base menu has always been half off drinks and slushes as well as 99 corn dogs from 2 pm to 4pm.

You should know: You can also get a free slush or drink when you download the Sonic app.

  • Slushes
  • Limeades
  • Teas
  • Sodas
  • $1 Corn Dogs

Sonic Happy Hour: The Complete Guide (Hours, Pricing & Info)

Are there Sonic Happy Hour Shakes?

Most people always wonder, does Sonic Happy Hour include milkshakes too? Unfortunately not, not right now at least but they have in the past.

However, in previous years they have offered half off milkshakes after 8pm during the summer. If they bring that back we will update this post with the info.

In the meantime you can check out the Sonic deals page for any info on half off shakes.

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Sonic Happy Hour Drink Menu

  1. Real Fruit Slush $1.50 (regularly $3)
  2. Limeade $1.30 (regularly $2.59)
  3. Sodas!

Morning Drink Specials

Many don't know but have you heard of Sonic's morning drink specials? Yup, everyday until 10am score these sweet deals on drinks!

  • $0.99 Large Drinks
    • Soft Drinks
    • Famous Slushes
    • Iced Teas
    • Regular Hot Coffee
  • $1.49 Large Specialty Drinks
    • Iced or Frozen Lemonades
    • Real Fruit or Candy Slushes
    • Ocean Water
    • Iced or Frozen Limeades
    • Medium Orange Juice
    • Iced Coffee

Sonic Happy Hour: The Complete Guide (Hours, Pricing & Info)

Sonic Happy Hour Tips

1. Check the Sonic Deals Page

My biggest tip is to check out the Sonic Deals page where you can score some sweet Sonic deals on burgers, drinks and also milkshakes as they become available.

While there aren't usually burger deals on the Sonic Happy Hour menu, there always seems to be some burger deals on the deals page that you can combine with a drink happy hour deal!

2. Get a free drink when you install the Sonic App

Want a freebie from Sonic? Just install the Sonic App on your phone and you'll score a free drink just for downloading the stinking app! That's awesome.

3. Sign up for Sonic text alerts

The last tip would be to sign up for Sonic text messages to be the first to know about drink + milkshake specials when they become available.

In past years Sonic has offered half off milkshakes during Sonic Happy Hour but in the past it's been just in the summer.

Being the first to know about Sonic Happy Hour changes will get you all the deals before anyone else even knows about them, but hey make sure you give us a heads up of them too!

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Your turn: Do you love the Sonic Happy Hour menu? If so what's some of your favorite treats to score during Sonic Happy Hour? We'd love to hear!

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