All Sizes Of Weighted Blankets Just $35 @ Zulily

This includes all weights, colors, and sizes!
All Sizes Of Weighted Blankets Just $35 @ Zulily

The popular Weighted Blanket is finally at an affordable price! This blanket can help with insomnia, anxiety, Autism, ADHD, and many more elements! For the next 3 days or while supplies last you can score your choice for just $34.99 and they would make a wonderful gift idea!

These blankets provide comfort like no other blanket can. Simply sleep under it and it wraps around you to provide relief naturally

The best part these have been scientifically studied for years with tons of medical advantages.

Choose your choice of sizes including 7 through 20-pound varieties to find the weight of the blanket you need simply divide your body weight by 10 and then add a pound or 2. For example, a 130-pound person would need 13 + 2 or the 15-pound blanket.

These come in several color options. But you will want to be fast for the best selections on colors and pounds as we don't expect these popular blankets to last long.

Plus you can choose from throws, twin sizes, or even queen size blankets for the exact same price, score!

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