Zulily Free Shipping Guide: Here's How To Get It (2018)

Zulily Free Shipping Guide: Here's How To Get It (2018)

So you've heard about Zulily and now you need free shipping on your order....

We get it, we've all been there.

Zulily is such a fun, new way to shop but making sure free shipping is possible comes first when grabbing those deals we love.

We figured why not break down how exactly to get Zulily Free Shipping for those new to the Flash Sale site. We'll also cover any other tips and tricks for finding Zulily free shipping codes.

Zulily Free Shipping

If you're just wanting the deets on Zulily Free Shipping here's how it works:

In order to unlock free shipping, one order with paid shipping and handling must be completed to activate free shipping on subsequent orders.

That means:

Once you complete an order an pay for shipping, your next order during checkout will appear as $0.00 making the orders after your first initial order (where you paid for shipping) free!

Get free shipping by doing the following:

Purchase an item and pay for shipping, then using the same account on the same day, make more orders and you'll get free shipping on all of those.

You'll want to know:

Many people will place an order on Friday morning for an item, and that doesn't just unlock free shipping for the rest of the day it unlocks free Zulily shipping for the entire weekend.

That's right, by shopping on a Friday you'll get three days of free shipping for just paying for shipping on one item, one time. If you order stuff over the weekend, don't worry they will ship it all together on Sunday night so you'll have all weekend to check the best flash sales.

Does Zulily offer Free Shipping after purchase?

Yes they do and it's super easy to do.

Simply place an order and pay for shipping on the first item you are ordering and all orders after your purchase will be shipped entirely free just by paying for shipping once.

How do I get free Zulily Shipping until Midnight?

Once you order something, you get free shipping until midnight.

Monday-Thursday you can order items from Zulily and as long as you pay shipping for one item, the rest of the items you order will be free shipping as long as you're using the same Zulily account.

Here's the details right from the Zulily website:

One order with paid standard shipping must be placed to activate free standard shipping. Once activated, free shipping will apply to qualifying subsequent orders placed by 11:59pm pt on the same calendar day. All orders must be made using the same zulily account, and must be shipped to the same name and address.

What about Zulily Free Shipping All Weekend?

Yes, and it's super easy too.

To get Zulily free shipping all weekend long, just order one item on Friday and pay for shipping. Once you've done that, you'll unlock free Zulily shipping all weekend long!

Where can I find Zulily free shipping coupon codes?

Did you know Zulily actually has a coupons page where they post free shipping coupon codes whenever they become available?

Every now and then Zulily offers free shipping codes for those using VISA checkout and also free shipping for specific flash sales going on, so you'll want to bookmark the Zulily coupons page.

We also share Zulily free shipping codes when they become available right here on MomDeals.

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