Zulily Free Shipping: No More Confusion, Here's How It Works

How to unlock free shipping whenever you're ordering from Zulily
Zulily Free Shipping: No More Confusion, Here's How It Works

Zulily has quickly become one of our favorite places to shop online, the site offers tons and tons of deals on popular all types of items and since the deals update every day it's always worth a look.

But once you've found that good deal, the next step is unlocking Zulily Free Shipping.

We're always looking to save even more and as you know once you've spotted that great deal the next step is getting free shipping so you can maximize your savings.

The good news?

There's actually a super simple way anyone can unlock free Zulily shipping just by placing your orders at the right times. Below, we'll be going over how to get free shipping when shopping at Zulily and as always if we come across a Zulily free shipping code we'll share it here as well.

Zulily Free Shipping

Before you do anything, make sure you visit the Zulily coupons page that most don't know about. Anytime they release free shipping codes you'll find them here first.

Don't have a free shipping coupon? That's alright we're going to show you exactly how to get free shipping on Zulily orders with a little trick. First it's important to note the free shipping Zulily policy is pretty straightforward but you'll want to understand it before placing orders with Zulily.

Here's exactly how Zulily free shipping works...

Zulily will charge you shipping once you've added items to your cart, it's important to check out how much you're being charged for shipping on your items before moving to the next part.

Let's say your shipping is $6, now once you go ahead and place an order with paid shipping you will unlock free Zulily shipping on any order that you'll be placing on the same day.

This means, once you've paid for shipping on your first order, you get Zulily free shipping on all subsequent orders that day! This is something anyone who shops on Zulily should know about as it can save you tons of money so you're not stuck paying crazy prices for shipping.

A quick breakdown for those who still have questions...

Once you complete an order and pay for shipping, your next order during checkout will appear as $0.00 making the orders after your first initial order (where you paid for shipping) totally free!

The best way to do it during the week is pretty much...

Purchase an item and pay for shipping, then using the same account on the same day, make more orders and you'll get free shipping on all of those additional orders if you're ordering a few things.

Save even more on Zulily shipping...

There's also another sweet free shipping trick if you don't happen to have a free shipping coupon...

If you place an order on Friday for an item, that doesn't just unlock free shipping for the rest of the day it actually unlocks free shipping for the entire weekend!

That's right, by shopping on a Friday you'll get three days of free shipping for just paying for shipping on one item, one time. If you order stuff over the weekend, don't worry they will ship it all together on Sunday night so you'll have all weekend to check the best flash sales.

This is really a next level way to save on shipping with Zulily, if you plan on ordering from Zulily and think you may spot another flash sale try ordering on Friday to maximize your savings.

How does free shipping after purchase work?

Simply place an order and pay for shipping on the first item you are ordering and all orders you place after your purchase will be shipped entirely free just by paying for shipping once.

Once you order an items on Zulily it unlocks a free shipping window for the rest of the day.

You can also consider ordering on Friday as instead of unlocking a free shipping window for just the rest of the day, orders on Friday will unlock free shipping for the rest of the weekend.

How do I unlock free shipping until midnight?

Once you order something and pay for shipping on one item, you get free shipping until midnight.

Monday through Thursday you can order items from Zulily and as long as you pay shipping for just one item, the rest of the items you order that day will be free shipping as long as you're using the same Zulily account. You're shipping on the rest of your orders for that day will show $0.00!

Here's the free shipping details right from the Zulily website:

One order with paid standard shipping must be placed to activate free standard shipping. Once activated, free shipping will apply to qualifying subsequent orders placed by 11:59pm pt on the same calendar day. All orders must be made using the same zulily account, and must be shipped to the same name and address.

Unlocking free shipping all weekend

You should also know about unlocking Zulily free shipping all weekend. It's super easy to do pretty much it's the same way you get free shipping Monday through Friday, except you order on Friday.

To get Zulily free shipping all weekend long, just pay for shipping on one item on Friday. Once you've done that, you'll unlock free Zulily shipping all weekend long so you'll have until Sunday night to order more items and get free shipping on all additional orders, it's really that simple.

More ways to save on Zulily...

This isn't the only way you can save on Zulily. Before you checkout you'll want to look into all the ways to save on your order, there actually is quite a few ways you can save.

First, you can refer a friend to Zulily and you'll earn a whopping $15 to spend on Zulily. This is a simple way to save on your order just by telling a friend about Zulily, so easy and simple.

Next, you can also get $15 off your first Zulily purchase when you open a Zulily credit card and use it at checkout. While this isn't for everyone if you're an avid Zulily shopper, you may want to consider it they also have exclusive offers that are exclusive for cardholders so there's that too.

Lastly, bookmark the Zulily coupons page they put all available coupons on one easy to scan page for those who want to save on Zulily. The sweet part is, every now and then Zulily offers free shipping codes for those using VISA checkout and also free shipping for specific flash sales going on, so you'll want to bookmark the Zulily coupons page to maximize your savings.

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