Lowest Prices Ever On Bentgo Lunch Boxes @ Zulily

Lowest Prices Ever On Bentgo Lunch Boxes @ Zulily

Packing lunches can be a total nightmare. From making sure nothing spills over and keeping it nutritious its a chore.

But Bentgo makes it easy and right now their lunch boxes are the lowest prices we have ever seen!

These boxes comes with several compartments and they are leak proof!

That's right I can pack soup, apple sauce, condiments and more and nothing runs over. No more soggy mixed up food for me or the kids is like a dream come true.

My ultimate favorite box that I personally own is the Fresh 4 Compartment Lunchbox. It has a bigger compartment that can hold a sandwich, salad or a big entree and its priced at just $14.99, down from $39.99!

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