My BuddyTag Safety And Alert Bracelet Only $23 @ Zulily

My BuddyTag Safety And Alert Bracelet Only $23 @ Zulily

Taking your eyes off your children at the park, pool, or anywhere can be scary. But now with this BuddyTag bracelet your know exactly where your kids are and will never have to rush in panic.

Plus right now you can score one in your choice of colors for only $22.79! This saves you 40% and is an amazing buy.

My toddler can really scoot and get it we was at the park with the entire family and somehow he slipped away and disappeared.

Them few minutes it took to find him felt like years and talk about panic I was totally freaking out.

That's when I learned about these My Buddytags. Its a super cute bracelet that connects to your phone so even if you have a kid super sneaky and fast you won't have to panic.

Simply pick up your phone and it will show you where they are and even sweeter it alerts you when they are a set amount of feet away from you.

Plus it has other cool features like alerts if your child jumps in water and even a button so if they are scared they can push it to alert you.

This bracelet gives us parents a peace of mind and its totally worth it.

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