Playground Gym For Fingerlings Monkey $5 + Free Shipping @ Amazon

Playground Gym For Fingerlings Monkey $5 + Free Shipping @ Amazon

The Fingerlings monkey is one of the hottest toys of the holidays and if you was lucky enough to score one right now you can grab up its playground gym for only $4.99!

Even sweeter this gym also ships completely free for both Amazon prime and non prime members!

This awesome gym gives your little Fingerling somewhere to hangout and climb around on.

From dangling upside down on this to right side up this will bring a lot more fun time to your monkey. If you already grabbed your monkey then all you need is this gym to complete the fun toy.

If you haven't grabbed up a monkey yet but plan to try to catch one available I would go ahead and buy this so you already have it before its sold out everywhere as well.

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My favorite part of this deal is it is not just cheap but it ships free for everyone. You really cant go wrong with this totally awesome find.


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