Please Hide Packages From Husband Doormat $35 @ Etsy

Please Hide Packages From Husband Doormat $35 @ Etsy

If you love shopping this is the mat for you! I know quite a few friends including myself that could use this mat. Sometimes I don't even realize I buy so much but the hubby always does.

This doormat reads " Please Hide Packages From Husband" and it is so the truth plus its priced at just $35 right now at Etsy and not sold anywhere else.

Ill admit sometimes I do go a little overboard on shopping. I mean of course I don't need them new pair of shoes or that new makeup but its too good of a deal to pass up so I grab them.

Sometimes when I'm in the flow of buying Christmas gifts, my husband thinks the UPS driver should just move right in as we see him more then we see the pizza delivery guy and with the holiday season coming up I'm sure its just going to get worse. What he doesn't realize is some of the deliveries are Christmas gifts for him so I have to stay tight with the UPS guy so he knows where to hide what!

This is such a fun comical mat to set outside the door and will make everyone laugh in enjoyment for sure. Plus what a wonderful gift idea for that person you know in your life that is completely addicted to online shopping.

Even sweeter since this mat is customized it can also read boyfriend, wife, girlfriend or any other thing you would like to replace husband with.

Shipping adds $11.95 but if you decide to buy more you get a huge discount. Plus you can also score $5 back on your purchase with any purchase of $30 or more and this mat qualifies, for all the details Click Here.


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