Where to Buy Hatchimals Twin Surprise In The US 2017

Where to Buy Hatchimals Twin Surprise In The US 2017

Looking for where to buy Hatchimals Surprise In the US right now? With how popular they are we're keeping stock levels on the new Hatchimals Surprise toys!

Hatchimal Surprises are coming and they have a huge surprise for everyone! These will be one of the best toys 2017 for kids so you will want to keep your eye out for them. There is twins in every egg!

Below you can find where to buy Hatchimals Surprise in the US as well as where it's in stock and out of stock at the moment. Bookmark and save this post to keep up on stock levels.


Limited Stock/Higher RRP:

  1. eBay —from $69.99 CHECK HERE

Out of Stock:

  • Toys R Us Peacat -- Out Of Stock
  • Toys R Us Puppadee -- Out Of Stock
  • Toys R Us Giraven -- Out of Stock

This toy is expected to be super hot for the holidays so Im pre-ordering 2 for the kids while I still can at the regular retail price instead of having to deal with all the price gouging of resellers as we approach the holidays.

Last year Hatchimal's went super crazy every kid had to have one for the holidays but at least half of the kids never even got one under the tree as it was impossible to grab. Don't let that happen again with this awesome new Hatchimal Surprise.

There is 3 totally adorable varieties to choose from including Giraven, Peacat and the Toys R Us exclusive Puppadee and they are designed as animals including a girrafe and a puppy! Each twin set in a huge speckled egg waiting for their new found home.

Being that these are going to be so hot with the near holiday release we dont expect them to stay in stock once released which makes pre-ordering the way to go for all us holiday seekers. Plus with the added benefit of free shipping you cant go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hatchimal Giraven exclusive to a certain store?

No Giraven can be bought at Walmart, Toys R Us or any other retailer.

Where can I find the Puppadee Hatchimal?

Puppadee is exclusive to Toys R Us so this is the only store you will be able to grab him for retail price. While he can also be found at eBay and possibly Amazon he is priced double and sometimes even triple. To see if he is in-stock at Toys R Us Click Here.

What Is the Hatchimal Surprise Pup?

This would be the Puppadee Hatchimal he is made to look like a puppy and is quite cute. You can look above to see if he is in-stock.

What Is Hatchimal Surprise Twins?

These are a brand new Hatchimal that come with a set of 2 in every egg! Each one has a different personality and does different things. They are awhole new twist from last years Hatchimal and a huge hit that every kids is asking for under the tree.

Where can I find Hatchimals Deeriole?

This Hatchimal is an exclusive Target version they are made to look like a Deer and oh so cute. While you will only be able to grab one of these from Target for retail price you may see them on sale at eBay and Amazon as well but these retailers are asking as much as triple price! To see if they are in-stock at Target Click Here.

Is Walmart the only place to grab Hatchimals Twins Zuffin?

No and yes. While Zuffin is exclusive to Walmart this is the only place you will be able to find him for retail price. However he has also made an appearance and both Amazon and eBay but he is going for double or even higher. Click Here to see if he is in-stock at Walmart.

Someone told me about Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Twins where do I find him?

This is another exclusive to Target Hatchimal. They are made to look like a lion and adorable as ever. While you cant find him for retail price other then at Target he will also be available at Amazon and eBay for much higher. Click Here to see if he is in-stock at Target.


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