The Original MakeUp Erasers Now 70% Off @ Zulily

The Original MakeUp Erasers Now 70% Off @ Zulily

Taking off makeup can be a nightmare especially when it's waterproof you can easily go through more then one wipe and scrub so hard your skin feels awful.

Quit the skin abuse and score these original makeup erasers 70% off! Just imagine how many wipes and money you are going to save.

No more raccoon mascara eyes for us. Simply wet this rag and even the thickest put on makeup is going to come right off just like magic.

Plus these are reusable! Yes, you can wash and reuse them again and again. Why put a ton of chemicals on your skin when you can take off all your cosmetics with simple water?

You can treat yourself to this spa-like softness towel daily and it will last for up to 1,000 washes in the washer machine. Pretty amazing right? This is simply put the most amazing gift you can buy you or any fashionista you know.

You will be able to choose between the BFF 2 pack or the mini set of 4. No matter which one you choose one thing is for certain your skin will thank you.

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