Up To 55% Off Bentgo Lunch Boxes @ Zulily

Up To 55% Off Bentgo Lunch Boxes @ Zulily

Last time we shared a sale on Bentgo boxes they sold out quickly.

Surprise they are back and cheaper than ever! Right now you can save up to 55% off all of your favorites.

Schools are finally back in session and if your kid's lunches have looked like an upside-down mess by the time they get to eat it here is the quick fix.

These boxes are just fantastic! From keeping your food separated and neat to being leak proof and washable you just can't ask for anything better.

But don't just think Bentgo's are for kids I personally own one and use it for my own lunch I love that salads stay crisp while dressing stays in its own spot, keeping food fresh is always a bonus.

No matter if you are shopping for a Bentgo box or the super popular salad bowls or ice packs you will find them all at an amazing discount right now.

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