Up To $80 Off DockAtot Sleeping Cocoons @ Zulily

Up To $80 Off DockAtot Sleeping Cocoons @ Zulily

Providing the best for you baby is what every parent wants to do and DockAtot's are one of those items that help with comfort, sleep, tummy time and more safely.

These rarely go on sale but for the next 2 days you can score up to $80 off these miracle workers.

So what makes DockAtot so amazing? The first thing that you will love is the cocoon-like feel. When you place your infant down in one of these they feel like a womb helping them get to sleep and stay that way.

Plus these are perfect for keeping where ever you are. Whether at home in bed, in their crib, on the floor or away at grandma's, the park or anywhere else your adventures take you this DockAtot will be there.

But being a bed is not all these amazing creations are they are also perfect for tummy time and lounging around in.

These come in multiple sizes making them the perfect size for your small infant or older toddler. Plus they even have additional covers on sale to change your personality and style.

DockAtots are easily a must have for all parents and was my most used gift when I got one for my son.

This sale is lasts for 2 days or while supplies last. With how popular these are you will want to shop asap for the best selections.

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