Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale Dates for 2019

Here's the predicted dates for Petco Dollar Per Gallon 2019!
Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale Dates for 2019

The Dollar Per Gallon sale is always one of our favorite sales of the year as it's pretty much the best time to buy a tank at Petco as you can score 10-29 gallon tanks for $1 a gallon!

We're keeping track of all the dates you'll need to know for the Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale. So far we've predicted four correct sales for Petco dollar per gallon 2019.

During Petco Per Gallon you can grab up to 29 gallon tanks for $1 a gallon and bigger tanks (40, 45 and 75 gallon tanks) 50% off which works out to huge savings for bigger tanks too. With how popular the dollar per gallon sale is, we're keeping track of when these sales take place so you'll always know.

Before shopping the Dollar Per Gallon sales, make sure you go sign up for Petco Pet Rewards (you'll need to do this before shopping it) and check the Petco Local Ad to make sure it's going on at your store.

Dollar Per Gallon Sale

The Dollar Per Gallon sale is one of the top sales of the year but with it comes some questions.

Before we get into the specifics of dollar per gallon, you'll first want to do three things...

  1. Sign up for Petco Pet Rewards so you can shop Dollar Per Gallon
  2. Check your local ad for your next sale or call your local store
  3. Shop the Dollar Per Gallon online

The biggest thing you'll want to know is how to shop Dollar Per Gallon, the first thing you'll need to do is sign up for Petco Pet Rewards, you'll have to do this before shopping the sale!

Next, you'll want to keep tabs on previous sale dates and our prediction for upcoming sale dates.

Next Dollar Per Gallon Sale

The next Dollar Per Gallon sale which we predicted correctly is in September for 2019. You can shop the Dollar Per Gallon sale from September 29 to November 16th. This keeps up with our trends of Dollar Per Gallon at Petco and for the past two sales you're also able to shop the sale online now too!

Predicted MonthNext Dollar Per Gallon Sale Date
September September 29 - November 16th

Previous Dollar Per Gallon Sales

Dollar Per Gallon sales run a couple of times per year and you can expect the Dollar Gallon Sale about once every 3-4 months. Here's when we're expecting the next one:

  • The last dollar per gallon sale was: July 2019
  • The next dollar per gallon sale is predicted: September 2019

Year Dollar Per Gallon Sale Months
2013 March, July, September, December
2014 March, June, September, December
2015 March, June, September, December
2016 March, June, September, December
2017 April, June, October
2018 January, March, July, September
2019 January, March, July, September

There's a ton of information on $1 per gallon sale dates, but for the most part there is a trend with these sales. They happen four times a year and while the dates vary by day we expect them around the same months each year (based on the last four years of these sales).

Dollar Per Gallon Sale Dates for 2019

Expect dollar per gallon sales four times per year with the sales generally lasting about a month. The great thing is they happen so often if you miss it, you can just look out for the next one!

YearSale Dates
2019 September 29 - November 16th

July 7th - August 24th

March 3rd - March 30
December 26th - February 2nd
2018 September 30th - November 17th
July 15th - August 18th
April 22nd - May 13th
March 18th - April 31st
January 14th - February 4th
2017 October 15 - November 12
June 25 - August 6 2017
April 2nd 2017 - April 30 2017
December 24th - January 28th

If you have your eye on a specific tank, and it's not available in-store during the dollar a gallon sale, make sure you see a manager so you can special order the tank you want.

What is the Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale?

The dollar per gallon sale is one of the top sales of the year at Petco and offers 10-29 tanks for a dollar a gallon and larger tanks like 40, 55 and 75 gallon tanks half off.

Since dollar per gallon sales are official Petco Sales you can expect all Petco stores to be running the sale at the same time except for Hawaii and Alaska who don't participate in these sales.

While the sales typically run at the same time, there's been a few instances where sales overlapped and some Petco stores skipped dollar per gallon, but this doesn't happen too often.

Who can shop dollar per gallon sales?

Anyone who has signed up for Petco Pal Rewards can shop Petco Dollar Per Gallon!

It's easy to do and only takes a second to sign up and once you're signed up you'll score sweet rewards, a free birthday gift and free shipping offers for doing so.

How often are dollar per gallon sales?

Dollar per gallon sales happen four times a year, expect them seasonally.

While some overlap with different sales and get pushed a month back so sometimes instead of the sale happening in December it'll happen in January but for the most part they are 4 times a year.

Expect these sales every two to four months, or just check back here and see when the next one approximately will go down and when we get the deets on when the sale is we'll have the info here, just bookmark this page and check back often in the meantime.

How long are dollar per gallon sales?

Usually dollar per gallon sales last about a month.

While some are shorter and others are longer you can expect these sales to typically last around a month so you'll have plenty of time to grab a new tank.

In the past the sales were longer, around 4-6 weeks but lately the sales have lasted a month.

As long as they have the sales 3-4 times a year this gives a pretty good window to get in on the savings. But be fast, it's one of the top sales Petco has each year and stuff goes quick!

How much are tanks during these sales?

During the sale expect tanks to be a dollar per gallon up to 29 and half off any tanks higher.

Tanks above that are usually half off during the sale which works out to be an awesome deal for bigger tanks too! The sale has changed in the past with what's included and what's not and sometimes they vary from sale to sale but for the most part expect 10-29 tanks to be included.

There also some other sweet deals during these sales that we'll be keeping track of, any hardware equipment that goes on sale online in between these sales we'll keep tabs on too.

Are there any states that aren't included?

Hawaii and Alaska don't participate in these sales.

While most Petco's nationally participate in these sales and they usually run at the same time, Alaska and Hawaii are the only exceptions where you won't find dollar per gallon sales.

Your turn: Do you have some dollar per gallon tips, info on the next sale or anything else that can help others save? Take a second to share your haul or tips in the comments below!

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