13 Awesome Uses for WD-40 (and Where To NOT Spray It)

13 Awesome Uses for WD-40 (and Where To NOT Spray It)

I'm always looking for creative, cheap ways to clean up my house. When it comes to markups, spills I have a magic little tool I use all the time: WD-40.

WD-40 Has so many amazing, surprising and neat uses that most people don't know about. It's able to keep toilets clean, remove crayons from walls and even remove gum from hair.

Check out these 13 uses for WD-40 you've probably never tried:

1. Remove crayon from walls

Did you know you can actually use WD-40 to remove markings from walls? It's incredible. With a little WD-40 you'll be able to use this magical formula to remove crayon from your walls!

2. Get grease stains out of clothes

This is great for greasey hubbies, you can actually use the magic of WD-40 to get grease out of clothes, a very handy trick to clean up those greased up jeans!

3. Remove wax or glue from carpet

Use the magic of WD-40 to save carpets from glue, wax or even stains. Just spray a little, leave it for a second and rub it out with a napkin for easy removal.

4. Remove scratches from your car

This is my favorite WD40 use. Do you have a few scratches on the car? An amazing WD-40 use is actually removing scratches! Seriously try it this is such a great hack!

5. Remove carpet stains

As mentioned in a previous hack you can remove glue and wax. But did you know a great WD-40 use is actually removing stains from carpet? Such a cheap solution to keeping carpets in great shape!

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6. Clean stainless steel appliances

WD-40 is a great way to clean up stainless steel. Just spray let it sit for a second and watch as you wipe away a brand new looking stainless steel appliance, really amazing.

7. Use it as a slug repellant

Surprisingly, a good way to keep slugs and snails from your pot plants is WD40. Spray the outside of your pots and keep the creepy crawlers away. Great to use after it rains.

8. Remove sticker residue

Use WD-40 to remove the sticky goo left from stickers. It really is a great way to remove sticker leftovers from just about anything.

9. Remove Scuff marks from floors

A great use for WD40 is removing scuff marks and any little marks from floors. We use it in our kitchen all the time and it really is a great solution for keeping the floors from being marked up

10. Remove permanent marker from whiteboards

A great use for WD40 is actually cleaning up whiteboards. Not only will WD40 remove permanent marks like Sharpie but it will also clean up and left behind markups.

11. Make a zipper move again

WD-40 is a great way to get one of those stuck zippers to actually move again. Just spray on a little WD-40 and give it a wiggle for it to do the trick.

12. Remove Gum from hair

This is a great trick if this ever happens. If you get gum stuck and your hair and want a way to get it removed, spray some WD-40 to get it out.

13. Clean your toilet bowl

Did you know that spraying your toilet bowls with a little WD-40 is a great use to keep it clean and keep the gunk and lime buildup? It really is give it a go!


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