Sephora Sale Calendar: The Complete Sales Guide

Sephora Sale Calendar

When it comes to the next Sephora sale we know how many people get lost on the dates.

Whether you're looking for a specific sale or the best time to save, this is the post will help.

The Sephora Sale Calendar is a handy calendar we made to track Sephora sale dates as they come. We'll also be keeping up with current offers and anything else that'll help you save today at Sephora.

Make sure you sign up to become a Beauty Insider Rewards at Sephora. It's a free and easy way to unlock a lot of sweet perks for a quick signup.

Current Sephora Offers:

Sephora Sale Calendar 2018

  1. January:
    1. 2x points on skincare (mid-January)
    2. New Birthday gift revealed
    3. New Year's promotion for Rouges
  2. February:
    1. 2 or 3x Points on perfume
  3. April:
    1. 15% off for Chic Week
    2. Spring Sale or Beauty Brunch for VIB Rouges
  4. Early May:
    1. 3x Points on Perfume
    2. Memorial Day Sale
  5. Early June:
    1. Sephora Fall VIB Preview Sale
  6. Late August:
    1. 2x, 3x, 4x Points on all purchases for BI, VIB, and Rouge Members (respectively)
  7. October:
    1. Releases of Holiday Products
    2. Game Promotion for Deluxe Sizes and Points
    3. Friends and Family 20% off Sale
  8. Mid-late November:
    1. 20% for VIB and Rouge
    2. Black Friday $10 deals
    3. Cyber Monday
  9. Mid-December:
    1. $15, $20, $25 off for BI, VIB, and Rouge, respectively.
    2. Advent Calendar of deluxe samples
    3. 20% off Sale items

Sephora VIB Sale Dates

Sale Dates: Thursday, August 30 — Monday, September 3

Keep in mind the dates of the VIB sale vary and we'll be keeping track of them as they go live.

This year during the Sephora VIB Spring sale you could score 10% for Beauty Insiders and Rouge and VIB has codes for 15% off, these made for some huge savings!

  1. VIB Rouge
    1. Current Dates: August 30 — Monday (September 3)
    2. Coupon: 20% off with promo code YAYROUGE
    3. Previous Dates: April 13th — April 16th
  2. VIB
    1. Current Dates: August 30 — Monday (September 3)
    2. Coupon: 15% off with promo code YAYVIB
    3. Previous Dates: April 20th — April 23rd
  3. BeautyInsider
    1. Current Dates: August 30 — Monday (September 3)
    2. Coupon: 10% Off with promo code YAYINSIDER
    3. Previous Dates: April 20th - April 23rd

During the 2018 VIB sale, members were given a 15% coupon to use. Beauty Insiders also got a Sephora promo code which was BIGSPRING where they could get 10% off during the sale.

We'll be keeping track of the VIB sale as it goes live so bookmark and check back often.

Sephora Spring Sale

  • Sale Dates: Mid April

The Sephora Spring Sale is on of the best Sephora sales of the year. This sale is for Sephora Beauty Insiders, VIB and VIB Rouge Members.

If you want to become a member for this sale you'll want to sign up first to get in on the fun. We'll keep this post updated with deals from the Sephora Spring sale and any codes released.

The April promotion is usually called a Spring Sale, beauty brunch, or Chic Week and is a mix of closed-door private events, mixed with online and in-store discounts of up to 20%.

Sephora Memorial Day Sale

  • Sale Dates: May 28th

The Sephora Memorial Day Sale is always a sale we look forward to.

You'll find discounts site-wide as well as new offers and promotions on the Beauty Offers page. This year they offered all of the Memorial Day sale items right on the front page for easy grabbing.

The Sephora 20% VIB Sale

  • Sale Dates: Date released around second week of November.

This promotion is sometimes referred to as the semi-annual VIB Sale since it echoes the deals offered during the Spring Sale. This one also rolls into Black Friday so folks sometimes miss out as the two kind of run together.

To participate in this 20% off everything sale, you need to be a Sephora VIB or VIB Rouge level Sephora frequent shopper. To become a Sephora VIB member you have to spend $350 in a calendar year. To reach Sephora's VIB Rouge level you have to spend $1,000 in a calendar year.

There is also a Sephora Preview Sale on mid-year (usually around the beginning of June) where Sephora VIB members can even bring a friend for twice the scores on great deals!

Sephora Fall Sale

  • Sale Dates: Dates vary

The Sephora Fall Sale is one of their top sales of the years. While the dates vary year by year when we get the Sephora Fall Sale dates we'll be sharing them here.

Like the Sephora Spring Sale, the Sephora Fall Sale is great for Sephora Beauty Insiders, VIB and VIB Rouge Members alike. The sale is a mix of private events mixed with online and in-store store-wide discounts of 15-20% off with Sephora codes that make for huge savings.

Don't forget to become a Beauty Insider so you can join in on the sale when it goes live.

Sephora Black Friday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 23rd, 2018

The Sephora Black Friday Sale is a sale you won't want to miss.

Sephora usually keeps Black Friday prices a secret until the day of the event. They are usually cant-miss deals that are some of the top deals and markdowns of the year.

Based on previous sales patterns it's safe to expect nothing but great discounts storewide on Black Friday (and even a bit earlier) at Sephora all during Black Friday Weekend.

Previous Black Friday deals at Sephora have included free giveaways, deals on makeup brush sets and other makeup sets and also exclusive Black Friday coupons for even bigger savings.

Sephora Cyber Monday Sale

  • Sale Dates: November 26th, 2018

While Sephora's Cyber Monday sale isn't as good as Black Friday, there is still some great deals to be had that you wouldn't be able to get on Black Friday.

Check out featured Cyber Monday deals on the homepage during this sale.

Where will I find Sephora Coupons?

If you're just looking to save at Sephora you'll want to keep up and bookmark the Sephora Beauty Offers page that's where all Sephora coupons go live first.

When does Sephora have sales?

If you're wondering when the next Sephora sale is look no further than this post.

With how often sales happen at Sephora we figured why not make a sale calendar so we can keep up with sales as they come and go, that's why we made this simple sale schedule.

Your turn: What did you get during the Sephora sale this time? Share your haul in the comments and let us know how much you saved!

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