Sephora Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

Sale dates, upcoming sales and best ways to save now at Sephora
Sephora Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

Sephora is one of the largest providers of high-quality beauty and personal care products in the world. Unfortunately, like beauty itself, those products often come at a premium cost.

Luckily, Sephora has a number of options for the beauty-conscious shopper on a budget. And to make navigating these yearly sales and discounts as easy as possible, we’ve put together this handy guide for you.

Whether you're looking for specific sale dates, hunting for current coupon and promo codes going on, or hoping to get cash back deals, you’re in the right place. Sephora is always known to have very little sales and promo codes, so when they do have a sale we figured we'd keep track so you know the best times to save.

Current Sephora Offers:

How Sephora Sales Work

Sephora isn’t exactly the type of store where you clip coupons out of your daily newspaper.

Its high-end, premium aesthetic clearly demands something a lot more unique. So, while there are certainly sales and deals to take advantage of, you should expect to put a little more effort into getting better deals.

Luckily, we’ve taken on most of that for you. However, there’s one crucial first step that you need to take on your own… You NEED to join Sephora’s Beauty Insider Rewards program. Don’t worry; it’s completely free. However, it’s also a prerequisite for getting access to many of the deals and sales we’ll be outlining below.
On top of that, you’ll also get points for every dollar you spend – points you can exchange for all sorts of rewards, freebies, etc.

Understanding the Beauty Insider Program

There are three tiers or “levels” to the Insider Program. They are Insider, VIB, and Rouge.

Again, it’s free to join, there’s no minimum to spend, and you can sign up in just a few seconds.

Ascending from one tier to the next is based on how much you spend in a given calendar year. You can see the details of each tier below:


Just signing up automatically grants you the rank of “Insider.” You have to credit Sephora for making each of their tiers sound like a title you’d be given after joining a secret society somewhere.

However, this is just an entry-level membership. It gives you a single point on all purchases as well as access to insider sales events like the VIB Holiday Bonus Sale and Sephora Spring Sale.


Spend $350 or more in a given calendar year, and you’ll join the Sephora VIB level. This bumps up the number of points you earn on purchases to 1.25. You’ll also get access to the Summer Bonus Sale and other money-saving events.


To get to the Rouge level, you need to spend $1,00 in a calendar year. Arguably, that isn’t in the average Mom’s makeup budget. However, if you’re shopping at Sephora, getting to that amount isn’t going to be that hard. And once you make it, you’ll get 1.5 points back on all purchases and invites to all the major sales events.

Sephora Sale Schedule

For all the glitz and glamour, Sephora is nonetheless a retailer. Therefore, they tend to host sales around national holidays, big events, and other milestones. The rest of the sales are typically reserved for Beauty Insiders only.
You can see a complete list below:
  • 2x points on skincare
  • New Birthday gift revealed
  • New Year's promotion for Rouges


  • 2 or 3x Points on perfume


  • 15% off for Chic Week
  • Spring Sale or Beauty Brunch for VIB Rouges


  • 3x Points on Perfume
  • Memorial Day Sale


  • Sephora Fall VIB Preview Sale


  • 2x, 3x, 4x Points on all purchases for BI, VIB, and Rouge Members, respectively


  • Holiday Product release.
  • Game Promotion for Deluxe Sizes and Points
  • Friends and Family 20% off Sale


  • Black Friday $10 deals
  • Cyber Monday


  • Advent Calendar of deluxe samples
  • 20% off Sale items

Sephora VIB Sale Dates

Keep in mind the dates of the VIB sale dates vary and we keep track of them as they go live.

This year during the Sephora VIB Spring sale you could score 10% for Beauty Insiders and Rouge and VIB has codes for 15% off, these made for some huge savings!

  • VIB Rouge
    • Current Dates: October 28 – November 7
    • Coupon: 20% offer valid for Rouge members
  • VIB
    • Current Dates: November 1 – November 7
    • Coupon: 15% offer valid for VIB members
  • BeautyInsider
    • Current Dates: November 3 – November 7
    • Coupon: 10% offer valid for Insider members

When shopping in-store just mention these sales at checkout, and if you're shopping online use code SAVINGS. We'll be keeping track of the VIB sales so bookmark this page and check back often.

Sephora Sale Calendar

Sephora Sale Calendar We'll be keeping track of all Sephora sale dates below for easy deal grabbing during the bigger sales. Keep in mind, sale dates are subject to change but we'll cover each of the sales live. Below you'll find a list of each sale at Sephora so you'll have a better idea of what to expect before your next trip.

Sephora Spring Savings Event

This traditional Springtime sale is held online and in stores. However, it’s only open to Beauty insiders. First levels can get 10% off, while VIBs and Rouge members can score 15% and 20% off, respectively. Best of all, everyone – regardless of level – get’s 30% off Sephora Collection products. It’s the perfect way to prepare for the season.

Sephora Oh Snap! Spring Sale

Since 2020, Sephora has been running a special Spring sale open to all shoppers, not just members of the Beauty Insider Program. Here, you can find one or more top-selling beauty products marked down 50% for a 24-hour period. The deal only lasts until each item sells out, so move fast!

Sephora Memorial Day Sale

The Sephora Memorial Day Sale is one of the biggest events of the year. Though actual terms and conditions will vary, it’s not uncommon to see 50% off on some of the biggest brands in the business.

Sephora Fourth of July Sale

Much like the holiday it coincides with, this sale seems to get bigger and better every year.

Though it only lasts for four days on average, you can get free shipping on all orders and deals of up to 50% off on select beauty products.

Sephora Summer Bonus Event

This is another one that’s only available to program members, but in this case, it’s only for VIBs and Rouge-level patrons. Each group gets 15% off and 20% off their purchase, respectively, and the sale typically involves almost every item in the store.

Sephora Oh Snap! Fall Sale

Like the Sephora Spring Sale, the Sephora Fall Sale is a great opportunity to stock up on seasonal products at drastically reduced prices. In many cases, you can find 50% off all your favorite items (at least, until they sell out).

Sephora Oh, Hair Yeah! Sale

Sephora stocks some of the best hair products in the business, and this is your chance to get your hands on those products at huge discounts. Again, you can generally find top-quality items at up to 50% off. Just remember that the items on sale vary by the day, so plan your shopping accordingly.

Sephora Black Friday Sale

Sephora usually keeps Black Friday prices a secret until the day of the event. They are usually can’t-miss deals that are some of the top deals and markdowns of the year. Previous Black Friday deals at Sephora have included free giveaways, deals on makeup sets, and exclusive discounts on hot products.

Sephora Cyber Monday Sale

If you miss Sephora's Black Friday sale, don't worry! You can always shop during Sephora's Cyber Monday Sale. As usual, Rouge members will get access to the best (and lowest) deals, but there’s more than enough for everyone to get their hands on some post-Turkey goodies.

Sephora After Christmas Sale

Sephora's After Christmas Sale includes some of the year’s very best deals. While stores get to unload unwanted stock, we get the opportunity to score some amazing products for the upcoming year at bargain bin prices.

When does Sephora have sales?

The sales mentioned above are the ones we keep track of and follow, and this is where you'll find the best stackable discounts on items you're after.

In addition, the biggest sales tend to happen at various times of the year, so you can always check back to this savings guide and see what sales are current. We'll keep you informed as always so you can pick up some great discounts no matter what time of the year it is, and help you maximize saving at Sephora.

What Is the next Sephora Sale?

That depends on when you catch our guide! At the moment, in 2023, as of this writing, the next big Sephora sale will be the Spring sales but be sure to check back as we cover each sale as they go live.

We’ll help you navigate the chaos and get the best deals possible all year round.

Other Ways to Find Sephora Deals

Sephora knows the value of being in the right place at the right time. And to make sure the “right place” is inside their stores spending cash, they provide a variety of yearly freebies and promotions.

Simply check the “sales” section in-store or online to see if anything tickles your fancy. You can also shop the Sephora Collection, which has high-quality products and reduced prices all year round.

Last, but certainly not least, you can sign up for a Sephora Credit Card. This rewards-based card offers you 25% off your entire first purchase and 4% back on every in-store or online purchase. Just make sure you pay it off each month, or you’ll lose any accrued savings to your monthly interest payments.

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Your turn: What did you get during the Sephora sale this time? Share your haul in the comments and let us know how much you saved!

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