Zara Sale Calendar: Sales, Clearance & Coupons Guide (2018)

Zara Sale Calendar

Looking to save at Zara and need a little help? With how fast Zara sales come and go we figured why not put together all the sale dates in one easy sales guide.

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That's why we made this handy Zara Sale Calendar. We'll be sharing current offers, upcoming sales and sale dates right here so you know when the next sale is coming.

To keep up with current Zara offers, we'll be keeping current sales closer to the top and individual sale dates down below.

Zara Current Sales & Offers

  1. Shirts & Tops: Up to 60% Off (live now)
  2. Dresses: Up to 75% Off (live now)
  3. T-Shirts: Up to 60% Off (live now)
  4. Shoes & Accessories: Up to 60% Off (live now)

Be the first to know about Zara sale dates by simply signing up for Zara's newsletter, when sales go live they are announced here the day before the sale goes live.

Zara Sale Dates 2018

  1. Zara Summer Sale LIVE NOW
  2. Zara Memorial Day Sale — May 27
  3. Zara New Year Sale — Early January
  4. Zara Mid Season Sale — March 15th (date may vary)
  5. Zara Spring/Summer Sale — June 15-23rd
  6. Zara Black Friday Sale — November 24
  7. Zara Cyber Monday Sale — November 27
  8. Zara Fall/Winter Sale — December 26
  9. Zara Special Prices SaleShop Special Prices

Zara Sale Calendar 2018

Below you'll find a detailed breakdown of each sale date during the Zara 2018 sale calendar. While some of the dates may vary, stores like Zara are pretty consistent with the dates they have sales.

Zara Mid Season Sale

  1. Sale dates: March 15th (date may vary)

While this date may vary we expect the Zara mid season sale this year to be on or around March 15th. This is one of their biggest sales of the year and we'll keep tabs on the sale date if it changes.

Zara Memorial Day Sale 2018

  • Sale Dates: May 27

While we don't have any info yet on the Memorial Day Weekend sale, we're expecting some nice price drops on the 'Special Prices' page on Zara's website. We'll share any details below:

Zara Spring/Summer Sale

  1. Sale dates: June 15-23rd

This date is Zara's Spring/Summer sale or what is sometimes called their "semi-annual" sale, which typically happens in the middle of June.

Markdowns range from 20% to 50% off on already friendly price-tags. There will be a lot of summer fashion options during this one, so you'll be ready with the best styles for the season.

See what's on sale now at Zara, but first, be sure to check out our Zara Coupons page so you can take advantage of the discounts on right now.

Zara Fall/Winter Sale 2018

  1. Sale dates: December 26

The hot weather is quickly coming to the end and the seasonal fashions are going out with it. Now its time to whip out all your cute pants, jeans, and maybe even sweaters because it’s feeling more like Fall every day.

While thinking about cooler weather, you may be thinking ahead to when Zara will have their Fall/Winter sale in 2017 so you can grab up tons of new clothing.

It just so happens the awesome Spanish retailer holds two End of Season sales every year. But the bad news is the next Fall/Winter sale isn't until December 26th.

However if your like me and just absolutely cant wait they have a Special Price Sale going on right now that will totally hold us over until the next sale with prices dropped super low I grabbed up a few outfits that are adorable.

Zara Black Friday Sale

  1. Sale dates: November 24

Zara's Black Friday Sales are legendary. The store typically opens at 6 am and sometimes offers up to 30% discounts to everyone lined up outside. We will be expecting them to post deals online at 8:00 pm on Thursday, and in-store on Friday, November 24 at 7:00 am sharp!

They usually won't tell you what the sale is beforehand, but their deals are definitely worth the wait. In 2015, Zara offered 20% off all coats and knitwear -- just in time for winter weather.

Zara Cyber Monday Sale

  1. Sale dates: November 27

If you thought Zara's Black Friday Sales were good, just wait until Cyber Monday. Their online shop up to 50% off select items plus free shipping. Some Cyber Monday sales last for a few days, so don't worry if you can't make it to your computer on the Monday itself. Their prices are reasonable to begin with, and this sale just makes them even sweeter.

The Zara Semi-Annual Sale

Zara Winter Sale - As sure as there will be Christmas, Zara's winter sale is sure to hit on December 26! Items are discounted by up to 75%, so these sales are your chance to stock up. Look for clear-outs on seasonal fashions and tons of accessories.

Their Semi-Annual sale only comes around twice a year, but they last for weeks. Still, it's best to shop as soon as they start to make sure the best items are still up for grabs. T-shirts sell for as low as $8, and dresses and blazers start around $20.

Zara Shopping Hacks

  1. First off, you'll want to look out for Zara coupons and promo codes. You can easily score free shipping and over 50% off your purchase.
  2. Sign up for Zara's e-newsletter, you'll get weekly updates and you'll get a solid 24-hour notice before the next big sale.
  3. Get it shipped and pick up in-store. If you can't find a free shipping coupon, just have it shipped to the shop and you'll save the fee!
  4. Buy leather! Little known fact, Zara sells high quality leather bags, jackets and shoes at prices that might as well be faux so it's always smart to keep an eye out for these year-round.
  5. Save up for big purchases and SPLURGE at the semi-annual sale! Obvious, I know. I like to choose some of my favorites and then nab them on game day.
  6. Shop on MONDAYS! Monday is the day Zara gets their new stock, so you'll get first dibs on the goods.
  7. Zara releases new sale items throughout their semi-annual sales, so you can literally go back during a sale period and find NEW things each time.
  8. Sale items will be reduced approximately THREE times during a sale period, so you can always check back for a bigger discount -- be careful though, because someone else might scoop it ;)

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What are your favorite Zara sales and hacks? Tell us all about them in the comment section below!

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