Sour Warhead Candy Canes Are Here, Here's Where You Can Buy Them

These look like they'd be SO sour!
Sour Warhead Candy Canes Are Here, Here's Where You Can Buy Them

They really are making any kind of candy cane you can think of now a days, whether it's pickle flavored candy canes or candy canes for Oreo loversbut have you seen these? That's right, now they're making SOUR candy canes and these really look like they'd be SO sour, I don't know if I'd try these!

Not just any sour either, these are Warheads Sour... so you know they're bad.

Add some sour to your Christmas this year and grab a box of these and watch the kids go nuts over them.

Included are 12 individually wrapped super sour Warhead Candy Canes that have a wild berry flavor. But keep in mind they're also selling smaller boxes it seems in some dollar stores.

Fun candy like this is sometimes hard to find and sells out quick around the holidays when stores do get them, so keeping track of where you can grab this in-store and online that way if you're looking to grab a box.

Just bookmark and check back the next time you're out shopping! Here's who's carrying them so far...

In Stock

Out of Stock

So far it looks like of the major retailers you might be able to find these at Walmart, Kmart and on Amazon, but also stores like Kroger and Dollar Tree will also be carrying them. Above you can take a look at the stock levels were seeing so far if you're looking to grab a box, but as you can tell, they're going quick!

So the obvious prank would be to decorate the tree with these and not tell the kids right? The looks on their faces when they realize these are sour candy canes will be priceless. Would you dare?

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