Wish Return Policy: Answers to Your 7 Biggest Policy Questions

Here's a breakdown of any questions you're having about the Wish return policy
Wish Return Policy: Answers to Your 7 Biggest Policy Questions

So you went ahead and ordered something from the Wish app and you're looking to return it. You're not the only one. Thousands of shoppers have shopped the app after seeing the commercial, seeing an ad for it, or just seeing a totally awesome item they wanted to order and it turns out they need a return.

We've heard hundreds of stories of our readers stumbling on the Wish app by either hearing about it from a friend, or just finding a good deal and needing to order the item they've ordered once it arrives.

It stinks, but that's exactly why we're going to simplify the policy today.

While you can view the full policy above at Wish, we thought with how frustrating a Wish return can be, it deserved it's own post to breaking it all down of all the most common questions.

Whether you're just wondering how to return items on Wish, if you can return items or wanting to know the refund policy. This is our summary of the return policy to answer any of those common questions.

The Wish return policy isn't known to be very customer friendly, but understanding it is the key to getting your return. Grab a coffee, relax and and we'll figure out how to get your wish return done together.

What is the Wish return policy?

The Wish return policy is as follows:

"We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order for whatever reason, we will make sure to resolve the issue in whatever way we can."

With Wish, if you aren't happy with your order you can return it. The Wish return policy covers thirty days and if you just ordered an item and want to cancel, you have up to eight hours to cancel your order. You'll also be able to get a refund on your return with Wish, but the only downside is, they won't refund shipping costs.

How do I start a return with Wish?

With Wish, any any item within 30 days of delivery may be returned.

To start your return, go to order history page.

From there, choose the items that you wish to return and click 'Customer Support' to chat with a member from the customer support team to process your return.

Wish tries to respond to requests within 72 hours so if you don't hear back, send another message, since they aren't known to be the most responsive company, persistence pays when trying to get a return done with Wish.

Something to keep in mind...

You should know, everything being sold by Wish is being shipped from overseas so it can be tricky to get a return but hang in there with Wish you have to be patient to get a return!

How many days do I have to return on Wish?

Put simply, you can return any order within 30 days of delivery.

Just go to your order history and click the item you wish to return and click Customer Support to contact a rep about a return for your item.

As long as you're in the 30 day window you should be fine with a return.

What if I want to cancel an order on Wish?

Yes, you can cancel any orders with Wish up to 8 hours from the time of purchase.

This is one of the most important things I tell new Wish shoppers or people who've just started using the Wish App, know when and how to cancel your order if you don't want it.

To do this, as long as you've placed an order, within the first 8 hours you can go to your Order History and click Request a Refund to cancel your order.

Once you've cancelled your order within that window, no charges will occur.

How do I cancel orders that shipped already?

If you've already ordered an item that's shipped, you'll want to follow the normal Wish Return Policy which we've covered above, visit your order history page, select the item to return and contact support.

Don't worry...

Once an order has shipped and you're outside of that 8 hour window, you're still covered under the normal Wish return policy. At this point, just find the item in order history and contact support.

What is the refund policy on Wish?

You can get a full refund with Wish on your order. With Wish, how you paid is how you'll get your refund.

Refunds are automatically processed back to the payment you used when you ordered your item so keep that in mind when looking to get a refund with Wish. You can expect your refund within 14 business days.

Will Wish reimburse shipping costs?

No, unfortunately Wish is one of the companies that doesn't reimburse shipping costs.

We wish they did really (especially considering how many have to return to Wish) most stores have moved towards reimbursing customers for return shipping and while many have made that move, Wish still hasn't.

The Wish return policy states specifically Wish does not provide reimbursement for costs related to return shipping, customs fees, taxes, postal fees or VAT related costs.

More Wish return policy tips:

  • Cancel Orders Within 8 Hours: By cancelling orders within 8 hours of your order, you'll not have to go through customer service to process your returns with Wish.
  • Return Items Within 30 Days of Delivery: If you are someone who orders a ton from Wish, remember the 30 day window. Once past 30 days, you are no longer eligible for returns.
  • Be Persistent: Usually returns do get done, but they take time. While we hope they can improve the return policy, keep in mind returns can be a bit of a hassle with Wish.

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Your Turn: We hoped this guide helped a bit with your return. If you've ever returned something with Wish, let us know in the comments! Maybe others can learn from your experience!

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Reply to
  • Mary15

    If I accidentally pressed a refund and I never meant to cancel a delivery how do I change it?????

    Help pllllleaase this is my first time using wish

  • ifahenryc

    It seems to me that the returns policy is set in a way that it intentionally discourages a customer from seeking to return an item or ask for a refund. First of all, the shipping costs are not refunded; most of the items are cheap and the shipping costs make up a large percentage of the price paid for the item in the first place. Secondly, in order to return, the return shipping labels sent by email does not cover the shipping costs, again. So by the time you deduct the first shipping costs from the price paid for the item and, add that to the price of posting the item to the address on the return shipping label, it would probably cost more. What I am trying to analyse is that the customer might be better off just keeping the item and use it as a gift for Christmas or something. Comments please

  • sonyasen

    After about a year of shopping on Wish, I suddenly had my account "flagged" for "excessive returns" (probably because I've also made "excessive purchases.") Let me say, I have never requested a return for an item that didn't warrant it. Reasons I have made returns include: ordered a green rug, got purple; ordered a red shirt, got light peach; and most recently - ordered a glass bird plant waterer, and it arrived broken and unusable (despite someone having clearly tried to package it well). Unfortunately, I reported the last item -- even though it was free (+$6 shipping) and I wouldn't have gotten ANYTHING out of returning it. (I stupidly thought the store would want to know that their foam packaging didn't contain one edge of the bird.) Some other refunds have been made at THEIR agents' discretion -- even when I have told them a refund was not necessary, because I could repair the item, etc. Now, my account is "flagged," which basically means although I can still purchase items if I want, I can no longer report anything to customer service -- even if my issue has nothing to do with a return. The only way out? Don't return anything!  Tbh, this isn't the first issue I've had with Wish. They previously blocked my entire account for about a week and wouldn't even give me a reason. In the past, I had even tried them on expensive items, like laptop computers; these seemed promising, but the USB ports were rendered unusable within a month -- something that has NOT happened on the two non-Wish laptops I have bought locally since (and am still using today). So, yes, I *returned* them -- which is what one does with defective merchandise.  More recently I have only been buying small stuff. But I'm pretty much done with Wish now. If I can't contact customer support for ANY reason, that renders their return policy useless and their corporate policies unethical.